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New Tech for Big Perforated Metal Styles

Faster punching, quicker delivery, and large-scale perforated metal styles: We have a new technology upgrade at Arrow Metal that means bigger and better results for your architecture and design projects.

We have added the very latest class-leading punching machinery, the Amada EMK M2 Series, to our equipment line-up. It perforates sheets with exceptional accuracy, speed, and quality, for a superior panel result no matter how tricky and large the design.

Panel perforation for large-scale perforated metal styles

Offering the fastest lead times in the industry, EMK M2’s precision positioning and motion control mean we can perforate larger sheets with minimal repositioning, making it easy to specify creative perforated metal styles for large-scale projects like facades and building envelopes.

Panels are also perforated with less risk of scratching. The EMK M2 uses rows of soft brush heads to support and hold the panel during perforation to reduce metal to metal contact.

Sustainable perforated metal production

If sustainability is a key project factor, our new machinery delivers. Unlike traditional oil hydraulic equipment, the EMK M2’s electric system provides energy savings of up to 70%.

Quick and easy tool changes also mean less production time and associated energy costs – making Arrow Metal perforated metal the leading choice for green architecture and net-zero construction targets.

Exceptional quality, creative perforated metal styles

Thanks to our new machinery you can specify the most intricate designs, assured that your finished panels will be 100% correctly perforated to the very highest quality. The EMK M2 uses CAD-controlled software to manufacture perforated metal styles, including bespoke architectural patterns, photographs, logos, and illustrations.

Explore your creative perforated metal possibilities and think big with Arrow Metal. Call our expert team on (02) 9748 2200 to discuss perforated metal options for your projects or email

We deliver Australian-made perforated metal solutions to architects and designers, building and construction companies, project managers, specifiers, fit-out firms, and specialist installers.

Browse through our Project gallery for ideas and inspiration, and discover our range of exclusive customisable patterns, made-to-order perforated metal styles, and ready-to-ship in-stock profiles here. Panels can also be finished with colours and coatings – see the range here.

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Posted: October 5, 2022

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