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Shopping Centre Facade, New Woolworths Store

Check out our latest retail project that made a very special deal of our perforated metal: A shopping centre facade for Woolworths’ new multimillion-dollar development in North Paramatta.

We manufactured 500m2 of perforated metal panels for the mega retail complex – a former Bunnings Warehouse transformed into a Woolworths, gym, retail, and speciality outlets by builder Mainbrace Constructions.

Our perforated metal was the perfect packaging for the site, installed at the corners of the mall as backing for the Woolworths and BWS signage.

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Designing Woolworths Shopping Centre Facade

We worked with project contractor BPM Industries Australia to create Woolworths’ shopping centre facade, perforating 3mm aluminium in two designs – pattern 230 and pattern 227.

Both similar-sized round hole profiles, the designs differ in open area percentage. This slight change cleverly creates a cohesive exterior scheme, with the panels lit from below for dynamic visual impact.

All panels were powder coated and secondary fabricated by BPM Industries Australia, complementing the branding and modern, contemporary aesthetic.

A Sustainable Shopping Centre Facade Solution

One of the main advantages of perforated metal is its easy and fast installation. For this project, it helped Woolworths to makeover the building to quick timescales. A key reason the North Paramatta Bunnings site was chosen by Woolworths was the ability to repurpose the structure swiftly without significant development as part of the supermarket giant’s commitment to sustainability.

Perforated metal is commonly used for building renovations as it’s a cost-effective way to transform an existing exterior. It’s also ideal for green building projects and net zero goals, as the metal panels are recyclable and perforated to the strict standards of our environmental policy.

Explore Shopping Centre Facade Designs

We create facades for all types of projects, from retail complexes to residential schemes, schools, and more. Browse our brochure to explore popular designs, customisable patterns, and how to create bespoke profiles using our PixelPerf technology. We can perforate metal in images, illustrations, and logos, finished in brand colours.

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