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Perforated Artwork, Stanmore Station

One of Sydney’s most historic train stations has a new connection – a welcome connection to Country, with artwork by First Nations artist Maddison Gibbs that we turned into perforated artwork to cover new lift foyer ceilings.

The beautiful artwork at Stanmore Station – one of the oldest in Sydney, which dates back to 1878 – was commissioned to mark the heritage-listed station’s multimillion-dollar renovation under the NSW Government Transport for Access program. 

Called ‘Ancient Highways’, the artwork represents the ancient and modern meeting places, trackways, and travel routes in the area, weaving Aboriginal and local history together.

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Our client The Print Facility produced Maddison’s artwork onto 3mm aluminium panels, which we perforated to create a seamless ceiling installation. 

Protecting the Print: How We Punched the Perforated Artwork

As solid metal panels were supplied ready-printed and finished in anti-graffiti paint, the challenge for the Arrow Metal team was to protect the artwork during the punching process. 

Using our state-of-the-art punching machinery, we precision-punched each panel in pattern 245, a 9.53mm round hole profile with a 25% open area. Our machinery perforates panels without damage or scratching, with soft brushes holding the panels in place to ensure the highest quality finish regardless of design complexity.

Unperforated margins were also included, in line with the visual aesthetics and continuation of design to match the wall panels.

Brighter Travel at Stanmore Station

The perforated artwork panels, themed in yellow and orange, are proudly in place in the station’s two new lift areas. 

The lifts provide easy access to platforms and form part of the station’s accessibility makeover, which also included safety improvements and ramps.

Perforated Metal Expertise for Transport Upgrade Projects

Stanmore is the latest in a long line of stations to rely on Arrow Metal perforated metal for NSW Government Transport for Access upgrades. Our perforated panels have been used as stairs, balustrade, bridge, and walkway panels, and for decoration at renovated stations across the state, including:

The Stanmore project also showcases our perforated metal capabilities for pre-printed metal, giving architects and designers greater creative scope for panels planned for perforation.

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For more perforated metal examples and project ideas, browse our case studies and download our brochure.

  • Architect

    DesignInc Sydney

  • Developer

    Haslin Constructions

  • Designer

    Maddison Gibbs

  • Installer

    The Print Facility

  • Product UsedPerforated Metal

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