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Perforated Metal Finishing Options

The brightest vibrant colours, special metallic effects, curved or folded designs: Arrow Metal perforated metal finishes transform your panels from standard to statement.

We offer a wide choice of finishing solutions for our perforated metal panels to suit your project requirements, from decorative applications to special finishes that increase longevity and weather resistance.

Finishes can be applied to standard, in-stock ready-to-ship perforated metal or bespoke perforated metal designs.

Powder-coated colour

Colour is applied to perforated metal electrostatically. Special effects that could not be achieved with conventional liquid colour processes are possible with powder coating. It results in a much thicker layer of colour with increased durability and long-lasting vibrancy. Powder coating colour choices are extensive, ranging from bright and bold solid colours to luxurious antique gold metallics and satins. Your new perforated metal panels may be covered by a colour warranty, depending on the coating you specify and the coating manufacturer.


By anodising metal we can increase the thickness of its natural oxide layer, making it more durable and weather resistant. Ideal for exterior perforated metal, anodising never peels or flakes. Most used for perforated aluminium, the anodising process can be combined with colour for superior retention.

Folding and bending

We can fold or gently curve your panels, depending on the style and design. Curved perforated metal is popular for balustrades, whilst sharply folded panels are often used for exterior facade screening, with the folds structured across unperforated margins for pattern continuation. For folded and curved panels, simple, classic perforated styles are best.

Explore perforated metal finishes for your project

Arrow Metal’s expert team can advise and guide you on your finish options when you place your order, considering the type of metal you are perforating and any environmental conditions your panels will be exposed to.

Call us on (02) 9748 2200 to discuss your project requirements or send us an online enquiry here.

You can also browse our Project gallery for more ideas or download Perforated Metal Catalogue.

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