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If you can think it, we can make it.

Using our PixelPerf™ technique that features CAD-controlled tooling software, we can produce complex designs in perforated metal without compromising metal performance or functionality.

We can perfectly replicate photographs, drawings, illustrations, graphics, or logos, using combinations of hole sizes to successfully recreate every detail, including shadows, tones, and even facial features.

From exotic animals, music, and sports themes to trees, trains, and even pets, our PixelPerf™ image perforation service is a fast and cost-effective way to create unique spaces and places.

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Download our PixelPerf™ Image Perforation Guide.

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Our design experts work with you throughout production, starting with a review of your concept for performance requirements, with drawings and samples supplied before manufacture for statement designs that always exceed expectations.

Create a design using your own CAD drawings or images, or why not adapt a pattern from our customisable range? An exclusive collection of exotic, geometric, and impactful patterns, factors such as hole size and pattern scale can be adjusted to suit your exact requirements.

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Talk to our team to learn more about your bespoke perforated metal design possibilities – there is no limit to its application and appeal. We will advise the most cost-effective way to produce your panels, considering your budget, project timeline, and any panel performance requirements.

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Browse or download our Perforated Metal Catalogue  or  Project Look Book for more perforated metal inspiration.

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