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New Customisable Perforated Metal Designs

Is there anything more frustrating than finding the perfect off-the-shelf perforated metal pattern – only to find it doesn’t meet your project specifications? Our new customisable perforated metal designs are the solution!

Our exclusive new collection of customisable perforated metal designs can be adjusted to meet your exact needs, with complete control over hole sizes, open area, and pattern size.

Using a sophisticated algorithm, our punching machinery software calculates your changes and reproduces the pattern to fit. The result? A project-specific version of your ideal pattern, manufactured to your exact measurements, at a lower cost than a fully customised solution.

Customisation options for each design include:

  • Design scale: Zoom into the pattern or zoom out – we can increase or reduce the design, depending on your panel sizes.
  • Hole size: Love the pattern but need a different hole size? We can change the perforation size to achieve the open area percentage, transparency, or light-flow level you need.
  • Panel finishes: Go bold with colour or surface luxe with a metallic finish. Or add a coating for durability and weather resistance. We have a wide range of finish options to meet all types of projects and environments.

Pattern options: New customisable perforated metal designs 

All 14 new directional designs in our customisable perforated metal collection can be revised to suit interior and exterior applications. Panels have a typical turnaround time of approximately two to three weeks, with panels delivered Australia-wide. We will advise delivery timescales when you order.

  • Ombre – three options

From light to dark and dark to light, Ombre’s designs blend seamlessly from a dense circular pattern to a lighter, transparent design, making it ideal for privacy applications such as screening and balconies.

Click on image to enlarge

  • Weave

Interlaced, alternating squares make Weave a bold yet delicate design choice for facades and decorative screens.

Weave - perforated metal pattern

  • Ramble

A new take on a linear pattern, Ramble’s map-style directional lines create a dynamic design that achieves an energetic effect for interiors and exteriors.

Ramble - perforated metal pattern

  • Oriental – two options

Exotic geometrics are the hallmark of Oriental’s abstract designs. Choose a modern and contemporary overlapped design or opt for perfect pattern symmetry.

Click on image to enlarge

  • Tiles

Tiles is a harlequin-effect repeating square pattern that features strong separating lines and different shades for visual interest.

  • Marvel

Marvel’s alternating squares feature flashes of dark and light stripes for big and bold architectural impact.

  • Haze – three options

A visually striking pattern range, Haze’s blurry outlines create interest and intrigue for every type of application. Opt for a soft square ombre design, or a bold or light grid effect.

Click on image to enlarge

  • Blox

Build your perfect perforated metal design with Blox, a versatile and playful brick-effect pattern that can be flipped over to reverse the 3D effect.

Blox pattern rotated 90 and 180 degrees

  • Prose

Spell it out with Prose, a mixed-letter pattern that features your specified wording, making it ideal for themed perforated panels and signage.

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Create unique perforated metal designs with Arrow Metal 

Call our team for full details of our new customisable perforated metal designs on (02) 9748 2200 or browse our complete made-to-order range here which features hexagons, stars, and unusual futuristic shapes. Be the first to know about new design releases by signing up to our e-newsletter via the link at the bottom of the page.

Or explore our bespoke perforated metal capabilities – we can create perforated panels using photographs, illustrations, or your CAD drawings.

You can also send us an online enquiry here or browse through our Project gallery.

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Posted: July 21, 2022

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