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Public Transport Tender? Use Perforated Metal

Submitting an EOI or tendering for infrastructure projects? Perforated metal is proving to be a ticket to success for public transport tender specification across NSW – particularly under the state government’s Transport Access Program (TAP).

Our panels have helped to keep several multimillion-dollar station upgrades on track, improving passenger travel and accessibility across regional NSW train lines.

In this case study showcase, we journey through five of our latest station makeovers and TAP upgrades for a closer look at the creative ways perforated metal supports project delivery – and why it’s a first-class solution for your public transport tender specification.

Towradgi Station

How can an elaborate perforation design still protect passengers from the elements? The answer for Towradgi station was to use clear polycarbonate. We perforated a beautiful tree design into metal for the station’s new TAP footbridge, manufacturing two sets of identical sheets to sandwich polycarbonate between. The result is a safe platform-to-platform passenger bridge.

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Unanderra Station

Designed in collaboration with Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation and local designers, Unanderra station’s TAP upgrade involved the customisation of a classic round perforation profile to achieve the project’s aesthetic goals. We punched over 300 aluminium sheets for a bridge, canopies, and stairs, using a 20mm hole design in 30 per cent and 40 per cent open areas to maximise scenic views, natural light, and weather protection.

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Mascot Station

A soaring success with commuters, Mascot station’s makeover features panels that we perforated with historic aviation imagery. The illustrated perforated panels of historic planes link the station to its airport line, but it’s through clever use of Corten steel that the nostalgia really takes off. We perforated Corten steel as its brown coating gives the photo panels an instant, true-to-life aged effect. Installed in the escalator and lift zones, Mascot Station is a high-flying example of how perforated metal can transform high-traffic areas. 

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Denistone Station

Running since 1937, Denistone station has a historic connection to the community. And now, through the inspiring use of perforated metal for its TAP upgrade, also to the Wallumedegal people, the traditional custodians of the land. We perforated panels in a custom art-deco style design featuring the leaves and gum nuts of the station’s surrounding Blue Gums. Finished in Crystal Green and installed throughout the station, the panels reflect the station’s heritage and natural landscape.

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Stanmore Station

Stanmore station’s new lift foyer ceilings are a real work of art. We turned pieces by local Aboriginal artist Madison Gibbs into vibrant perforated metal art for the station’s TAP upgrade. Commissioned to mark the renovation of Stanmore – one of the oldest train stations in Sydney – the ‘Ancient Highways’ artwork represents the ancient and modern meeting places, trackways, and travel routes in the area, weaving Aboriginal and local history together. 

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Benefits of Perforated Metal for Public Transport Tender Specification

Discover some of the key advantages of perforated metal for all types of public transport tender specification in our blog here, where we also tour many of our other TAP train station projects, including Como station’s gold underpass, Hazelbrook’s tactile mix-and-match perforations and Harris Park’s geometric walkway.

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Posted: February 22, 2024

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