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Specifying Perforated Metal: Handy Hints

Perforated metal offers the perfect combination of functionality, form, strength and design. But with so many different profiles, how do you ensure you get the right finished metal product for your project? Here are some quick and handy hints from the Arrow Metal team, on specifying perforated metal:

Perforated metal function

What do you need the perforated metal for? Finished product function is the first and most fundamental consideration, as it dictates which perforation patterns, pitch and metal material is most suitable.

Click on photos to see – (1) ventilation screen, (2) footbridge, (3) folding balcony screens, (4) shatter facade

So if the product is going to be used in stress conditions, strength is the biggest factor. If it’s for ventilation or screening, perforation size, pitch and open area percentage come into play, as well as metal material flexibility. If it’s a perforated metal building façade, the material type needs to be able to withstand exterior elements.

Specifying perforated metal - Arrow Metal can help

Specifying perforated metal patterns – precision manufactured

Now we understand the function of the perforated metal panels, let’s look at its form, and the different types of perforation patterns when specifying perforated metal.

Arrow Metal’s specialised tooling machinery can be configured to hundreds of different perforation patterns. Standard perforated metal hole shapes range from round to rectangular, hexagonal, square or slotted, in a variety of sizes from the smallest 2mm right up to 70mm. Each perforation type and size has its own advantages, and again some are more suited to specific uses than others.

There’s also pitch to consider – which is how the holes line up in the perforated metal sheet. This is typically either straight or diagonal.

It’s also vital to take open area percentage into account, as it affects how the perforated metal functions. Open area percentage is a calculation that tells you how much of the perforated metal panel is made up of holes, and how much is the actual metal material.

We’ll consider all of these factors when advising you which perforated metal profile will give you the best result.

Specifying perforated metal - Arrow Metal can help

Custom perforated metal designs: Bespoke solutions

The great thing about perforated metal is that you’re not just limited to standard perforation patterns.

At Arrow Metal we can create perforated metal panels to your exact design, precision cut by our team to perfection. Our bespoke metal design service is most commonly used by clients looking for custom architectural solutions, and perforated metal pictures, branding, illustrations or logos.

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Our metal knowledge and design expertise means we know exactly how to perforate metal in even the most intricate and delicate design, without sacrificing product strength and function.

Specifying perforated metal - Arrow Metal can help

Specifying perforated metal material and finish

Common perforated metal materials include stainless steel and aluminium. There’s also mild steel, pre-galvanised steel and galvanneal. Which metal material you specify is again dependent on end useage, including exterior or interior applications, the need for flexibility or rigidity and importance of aesthetic appearance.

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The finish is the final touch when specifying perforated metal which can in fact change it’s whole look, by adding colour or special paint effects such as a reflective gold coating. Finishes include anodised or powder-coated, dependent on the material.

Specifying perforated metal: Advice you can trust

Not sure what perforated metal profile you need? We make specifying perforated metal stress-free, giving you a solution that will work for you even when you have the tightest timescales and leadtimes.

Whether it’s a standard in-stock panel that’s ready to ship or made-to-order product, we know the capabilities of every piece of perforated metal we make. So you can trust our product application knowledge, gained from years of perforated metal manufacturing to the very highest standards.

Speak to our friendly team on (02) 9748 2200 or complete our online enquiry form.

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Specifying perforated metal - Arrow Metal can help

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Posted: June 20, 2022

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