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Stainless Steel Grade 304

Product #Mesh SizeWire DiameterWidthLength
WM0606SS08/56.35mm x 6.35mm0.8mm1220mm5m roll
WM0606SS08/306.35mm x 6.35mm0.8mm1220mm30m roll
WM0909SS10/59.5mm x 9.5mm1.0mm1220mm5m roll
WM0909SS10/309.5mm x9.5mm1.0mm1220mm30m roll
WM100100SS30/2.4100mm x 100mm3.0mm1200mm2400mm sheet
WM100100SS60/2.4100mm x 100mm6.0mm1200mm2400mm sheet
WM1212SS12/512.7mm x 12.7mm1.2mm1220mm5m roll
WM1212SS12/3012.7mm x 12.7mm1.2mm1220mm30m roll
WM1212SS16/3012.7mm x 12.7m1.6mm1220mm30m roll
WM1212SS16/512.7mm x 12.7mm1.6mm1220mm5m roll
WM1919SS20/3019mm x 19mm2.0mm1220mm30m roll
WM1919SS20/519mm x 19mm2.0mm1220mm5m roll
WM2525SS30/2.425.4mm x 25.4mm3.0mm1220mm2440mm sheet
WM4040SS30/2.440mm X 40mm3.0mm1200mm2400mm sheet
WM5050SS30/2.450.8mm x 50.8mm3.0mm1220mm2440mm sheet
WM5050SS40/2.050.8mm x 50.8mm4.0mm1000mm2000mm sheet
WM5050SS40/2.450.8mm x 50.8mm4.0mm1220mm2440mm sheet
WM5050SS50/2.450.8mm x 50.8mm5.0mm1220mm2440mm sheet
WM5075SS50/2.450mm x 75mm5mm1200mm2400mm sheet

Stainless Steel Grade 316

Product #Mesh SizeWire DiameterWidthLength
WM100100S660/2.4100mm x 100mm6.0mm1200mm2400mm sheet
WM100100S630/2.4100mm x 100mm3.0mm1200mm2400mm sheet
WM1212S612/3012.7mm x 12.7mm1.2mm1220mm30m roll
WM1212S612/512.7mm x 12.7mm1.2mm1220mm5m roll
WM150300S620/50150mm x 300mm2.0mm1830mm50m roll
WM2525S620/525.4mm x 25.4mm2.0mm1220mm5m roll
WM2525S620/3025.4mm x 25.4mm2.0mm1220mm30m roll
WM2525S630/2.425.4mm x 25.4mm3.0mm1220mm2440mm sheet
WM4040S630/2.440mm x 40mm3.0mm1200mm2400mm sheet
WM5050S630/2.450.8mm x 50.8mm3.0mm1220mm2440mm sheet
WM5050S650/2.450.8mm x 50.8mm5.0mm1220mm2440mm sheet

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