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All about powder coated perforated metal

Powder coated perforated metal is one of our most popular products at Arrow Metal – but what do we mean by ‘powder coated’? And how is this type of perforated metal commonly applied for architecture projects?

Read on to learn more about this widely used type of perforated metal. We produce perforated metal for delivery across Australia, working with leading powder coating manufacturers to ensure your metal is beautifully finished to the very highest standards.

What is powder coated perforated metal?

Powder coated perforated metal is perforated metal that has a coloured finish applied using a method called powder coating. Powder coating applies a fine paint powder to the metal electrostatically, which is then cured under high heat to form a hard, durable coloured surface.

The main reason that a powder colour is favoured for perforated metal instead of a liquid is that it is a ‘dry’ method of adding colour. The paint does not run or drip and produces consistent coverage around the holes.

What are the benefits of powder coating for perforated metal?

There are many benefits to a powder coated finish for perforated metal, including:

  • Resistant, highly-protective coloured finish for your perforated metal
  • Thicker coloured coating compared to liquid paint
  • Excellent colour retention for long-lasting vibrant tones
  • The ability to create special effects such as metallic
  • Choice of finishes, including solid, textured, or pearlescent
  • Environmentally-friendly way to add colour
  • Suitable for many types of external environments

How is powder coated perforated metal used?

Thanks to its durable and attractive finish, metal that has been powder coated is used in many architectural applications, such as exterior facades, balconies and fencing or interior features like staircases, balustrade and decorative panels.

Powder coating manufacturers make many types of powder coatings to suit a wide range of interior and exterior applications for commercial and residential projects.

Coatings are formulated to suit specific environmental conditions and metal types, ensuring there is a powder coating to suit most types of perforated metal profiles and where the panels are being installed.

Some powder coating manufacturers also offer a warranty for additional peace of mind.

Can all types of perforated metal be powder coated?

Not all perforated metals can be powder coated. A metal must be able to withstand the heat of the curing process and be suitable for electrostatic application.

Perforated metals that are suitable for powder coating include perforated aluminium and types of steel, including mild steel, galvanised steel and stainless steel.

How do I order powder coated perforated metal?

Ordering powder coated perforated metal is easy with Arrow Metal. Choose your panel profile, pattern design and colour and we arrange it all for you, delivering your finished coloured panels to anywhere in Australia.

As a first step talk to our expert team about your project’s perforated metal requirements, including performance, aesthetic and colour needs.

We will advise which perforated metal profiles and designs are most suitable. Your options range from our in-stock, fast-delivery panels and made-to-order patterns or a custom design of your own creation.

Once you have chosen your profile, we will talk you through the powder coating ranges and colours that can be applied, so that you can select your finish with confidence.

Call us to discuss your perforated metal design and colour options on (02) 9748 2200. Or send us an online enquiry here. You can also browse through our project library for coloured perforated metal inspiration.

Perforated metal colours 2021
Powder coated perforated metal by Arrow Metal - project: Narellan Town Centre
Posted: March 22, 2021

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