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Ordering custom perforated metal: Your illustrated step-by-step guide

Need custom perforated metal panels for your project but not sure where to start? Whether you need words, graphics, illustrations or logos, here’s a step-by-step guide to ordering custom perforated metal from Arrow Metal – including a link to download our handy infographic – your at-a-glance overview of our custom ordering process.

We can perforate metal with almost any design, adding final touches ranging from colours to special paint effects and metal finishes to make your custom perforated metal panels truly unique:

Step 1: Initial Enquiry – Ordering custom perforated metal

You have the design idea – we have the knowledge. We’ll work with you to turn your vision into reality. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll find the solution, identifying the best metal material, perforation configuration and finishes for the job.

You’ll need to consider things like:

  • Are the custom perforated metal panels for decorative purposes only?
  • Are they going to be inside or outside? This dictates the kind of finish we may need to apply for colour retention and weather resistance.
  • Do the panels also need to perform some kind of function, such as screening or ventilation?
  • Are there any environmental/sustainability factors to consider?
  • Do you require any special finishes, such as colour, coatings or folding?
  • Project timescales – when do you need the custom perforated panels for?
  • Project budget – how much do you want to invest?

We’ll explain what can and can’t be done, recommending any design tweaks that may be needed to ensure you get a result that’s not only stunning but also completely suitable for what you need. Once we have an agreed approach, it’s time to cost it up.

Step 2: Quotation – Confirmed costs within 24 hours

You’ll now be assigned your own personal Arrow Metal specialist, who’s responsible for your project. It’s your reassurance when ordering custom perforated metal that you have a named contact that knows exactly how your order is progressing.

Your specialist will give you a quote within 24 hours of your initial enquiry, which will include:

  • Agreed project timescales – when we’ll deliver the panels to your site
  • Material – which metal material your custom perforated panels will be made from, such as steel or aluminium
  • Panel specifications – size, thickness, proposed perforation pattern
  • Any required finishes, coatings or effects
  • All-inclusive cost including delivery

Step 3: Creating your custom perforation design

After quote approval it’s time to begin the actual design process. Our experienced and skilled technicians take your design and produce CAD drawings.

CAD drawings ensure each panel is precisely cut and perforated to your exact design, for a perfect fit first time.

Step 4: Custom perforated metal panels final design approval

Your Arrow Metal specialist will send you the final design file for approval, including a sample if you need it. At this stage of ordering custom perforated metal, quick approval is essential to ensure we can manufacture and deliver your panels to agreed timescales.

If you require any changes to the final proposed design, we’ll turnaround any revisions quickly and efficiently keeping in mind your specified timescales.

Step 5: Production – Computer programmed for perforation precision

Once you’ve signed off your final design, the production process can start. Our state-of-the-art punching machine is controlled and programmed by sophisticated computer software for guaranteed accuracy when ordering perforated metal.

Our experienced machine operators ensure all the custom perforated metal panels we make are precisely produced to our exceptional quality standards, no matter how intricate or complex the required design.

Step 6: Final finishes – Additional processes for your custom perforated metal panels

Now it’s time to add any final finishes you require, which make all the difference to how your completed custom perforated metal panels look.

We can add colour – including your own specific brand colours – special paint effects, or even fold each panel. We can anodise for durability or powder-coat for enhanced colour protection.

Step 7: Product delivery ready for on-site installation

A final quality inspection by our manufacturing team and your custom perforated metal panels are ready to go.

Our trusted and reliable delivery partners will safely transport your panels direct to your site on time, ready for installation. Your Arrow Metal specialist will let you know when your panels are on their way.

Bespoke perforated metal design by the Arrow Metal experts

Take a look at our Projects page to see some of our custom perforated metal design work.

Contact our friendly team if you need custom perforated metal panels for your next project. Get in touch on (02) 9748 2200 or fill in our online enquiry form.

To download your own copy of our custom ordering process infographic (as shown here), click here.

Ordering custom perforated metal - Arrow Metal

Posted: July 4, 2017

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