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Woven or Welded Wire Mesh – Which is best?

There are two different ways to manufacture wire mesh. Either the wires are woven over and under, or welded permanently together. But which is best for your project? Woven or Welded wire mesh?

Each type of wire mesh has its own benefits, but each are more suited to specific applications.

Woven or welded wire mesh for your project

1. Woven or Welded Wire Mesh: Flexibility

Woven wire mesh is created by weaving longitudinal and transverse wires together, to create tension. It involves minimal welding, resulting in a pliable mesh that can bend without breaking. Because of its flexibility, it’s an ideal mesh solution for applications where the mesh is likely to be affected by external forces, such as ventilation, animal fencing and insect screenings. Or for artistic and architectural uses, thanks to its ability to conform to contours. In comparison, Welded wire mesh tends to be more rigid and inflexible.

2. Woven or Welded Wire Mesh: Strength

Both Woven and Welded wire mesh are strong and durable, but Welded wire mesh is superior in strength because of the resistance welding at each overlapping joint. As a result, larger uniform opening sizes can be achieved, making Welded Wire Mesh a good choice for applications with heavier demands, such as security screening and load-bearing industrial applications.

3. Woven or Welded Wire Mesh: Materials and wire sizes

Woven and Welded Wire Mesh are available in both 304 and 316 grade stainless steel, for applications where corrosion resistance is crucial. But woven wire mesh is also available in brass, making it a preferred choice for projects where aesthetic appearance is paramount. Woven wire mesh wire sizes can also be much finer, down to 0.06mm wire diameter and less, and ranging up to 3mm diameter and greater. Welded wire mesh wire is generally thicker, from 0.8mm up to 8mm. Custom wire mesh profiles can be manufactured for both types however, dependent upon material availability.

Expert guidance from Arrow Metal

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Woven or welded wire mesh for your project

Posted: May 22, 2017

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