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World Architecture Festival Finalist Picks

With 535 shortlisted projects, this week’s World Architecture Festival (WAF) in Amsterdam (28-30 Nov) is set to be one of the biggest and best.

Judged by some of the industry’s most influential peers through live presentations, projects have been submitted from all over the world with 53 countries represented.

Dedicated to celebrating outstanding architecture, here are some of our favourite award contenders from this year’s finalists:

Palace of Justice, Cordoba, Spain: Mecanoo + Ayesa

We love anything that pairs perforation with metal and Mecanoo + Ayesa’s collaboration, the Palace of Justice in Cordoba, Spain, follows all the laws of a perfectly perforated facade.

The courthouse’s striking design is a modern nod to the history of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and cultural architecture of Cordoba’s mosque.

The perforated white exterior provides the law courts with essential privacy, finished with opulent touches of gold metal throughout the building’s central courtyards, which provide natural light and ventilation throughout.

Images sourced from Mecanoo

The Piano Mill, Stanhope, Australia: Conrad Gargett

This metal-clad building created by Conrad Gargett in collaboration with Clocked Out composer Erik Griswold and artistic director Vanessa Tomlinson is music to our ears and is bound to hit the right note with World Architecture Festival judges.

Located in rural Queensland, the award-winning Piano Mill pays homage to the musical history of outback Australia. A giant musical instrument in itself, the Piano Mill contains 16 reclaimed pianos.

Music is piped through to giant copper megaphones at the base which highlight specific sounds, allowing the audience to enjoy different listening points. Large louvres on the copper structure change the acoustics, for a building that plays beautifully with its forest setting.

World Architecture Festival - finalists World Architecture Festival - finalists

Images sourced from The Piano Mill

DNA House, Coromandel, New Zealand: Crosson Architects

This perforated metal screened home designed by Crosson Architects is uniquely matched to its New York city-based owners. The perforation pattern of the bi-fold shutters is based on the coded patterns of the family’s DNA, which was sampled to produce the genetic-themed screens.

Used as a retreat home, the screens filter light but provide protection when the property is unoccupied, opening and closing with the lives and movements of its owners.

Playful in nature, the World Architecture Festival Villa category finalist can be accessed by either a series of steps and ramps, or a floor hatch and rope ladder for a more unusual, energetic arrival. There’s even an apex hatch in the roof for stargazing.

World Architecture Festival - finalists

World Architecture Festival - finalists

Images sourced from  Crosson Architects

Douro Valley House, Portugal: MJARC Architects

With incredible views over the Douro Valley, this home was designed by MJARC to ‘crouch’ over the ground in order to meet the client’s desire to interfere as little as possible with the natural surroundings.

Clad in bespoke facades, the home perches on legs, hovering above the landscape to achieve beautifully minimalist architecture.

World Architecture Festival - finalists

Image sourced from MJARC

Huaku Sky Garden, Taiwan: WOHA Architects

Inspired by the rectangular shape and asymmetry of traditional Chinese joinery, WOHA Architects has reached new heights in skyscraper design with the interlinked towers of the 38-storey Huaku Sky Garden.

Veiled in an ornamental metal facade, the screens maximise privacy, shade and ventilation for residents without compromising the stunning mountain and city views.

World Architecture Festival - finalists

World Architecture Festival - finalists

Images sourced from WOHA Architect

Stand-out metal facade and architecture

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Posted: November 27, 2018

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