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Wondrous wire mesh and perforated metal art from around the world

Wire mesh and perforated metal art - Arrow Metal

How do you transform something so ordinary into the extraordinary? It’s hard to believe all these incredible sculptures are made from rolls of woven or welded wire mesh or sheets of perforated metal, manipulated to create the most mind-blowing works of wire mesh and perforated metal art.

Wire mesh and perforated metal have gone from industrial and practical to become a perfect artistic medium. Rigid enough to hold weight but pliable enough to bend and sculpt, wire mesh can be shaped to form almost anything, whilst perforated metal boasts unique light filtration effects.

Take a look at some of our favourite wire mesh and perforated metal art from around the world, and discover the artists behind them:

Ancient church resurrected in wire mesh

Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi has already been named as one of Forbes’ ’30 Most Influential European Artists Under 30’ and it’s not hard to see why. He uses the natural transparency of wire mesh to ‘transcend the time-space dimension’, creating ethereal sculptures and figurines of such sheer size that they have to be seen to be believed.

He’s recreated an ancient basilica on an archaeological site in Southern Italy. Built an entire landscape of columns, domes and archways in Abu Dhabi. His ghostly mesh figures have featured at arts festivals, gazing at the sky. Wire mesh is his signature material, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Images sourced from Edoardo Tresoldi website

Animal magic: Wire mesh creature creations

From majestic lions at the Tower of London to a life-size elephant at Waterloo Station, to a life-size elephant at Waterloo Station, Kendra Haste’s work delights travellers, tourists and private collectors alike. Specialising in animal sculpture using the medium of wire mesh, her life-size, life-like installations capture each creature’s unique spirit, expressions and characteristics.

Images sourced from Kendra Haste website.

Perforated metal art designed to be discovered

American artist Nancy Selvage’s Bi op see sculpture has transformed perforated metal from a rigid material to a fluid, flowing work of art designed to be explored. A highly interactive piece, it uses translucent and reflective materials to create an ephemeral layered surface, revealing visceral material beneath when the viewer shifts perspective. Layering is how Nancy Selvage creates her art, ‘engaging myself and others in a discovery process’.

We also love AquaAvian – a piece that morphs from marine to avian form as it slowly rotates.

Images sourced from Nancy Selvage website.

Giant perforated metal magnetic message board

Created by KHBT creative studio and the OSA_Office for Subversive Architecture, this giant magnetic message board at St Augustine School in Oldham, England takes perforated metal sheets – usually seen covering all the local abandoned housing – and transforms them from a negative into a positive. A perforated metal façade is decorated with 11,540 specially branded magnets, one for each of the residents of the borough. Designed to reconnect the neighbourhoods, local school pupils helped to create this highly attractive, unique artwork.

Image sourced from KHBT creative studio website.

Perforation patterns reveal shadow poetry

Perforated metal sheets spell out poetry verses in this incredible installation in California. Created by Jiyeon Song, the One Day Poem Pavilion projects lines of poetry on the ground beneath it. The perforations are uniquely designed to reveal different texts according to the solar calendar – a theme of new life during the Summer, and a reflection on the passing of time in Winter. Who knew perforated metal could be so poetic!

Image sourced from Jiyeon Song

Magical metal clouds are floating on air

We love these metal clouds created by renowned artists McDermott Baxter, and not just because they’re made from Arrow Metal perforated metal. Designed for Myer’s Christmas Wonderland, the Cumulus and Nimbus cloudscape took customers on a journey through the sky, capturing the magical essence of the festive season. Perforated metal was the perfect choice to bring the dream-like installation to life, gently reflecting and filtering colour-changing light throughout the day.

The clouds were so popular, they’re still a feature in the Sydney department store, much to the delight of shoppers.

Photography by Ross Honeysett and Ben Baxter

Perforated metal gets mobile

Perforated metal is transformed into delicate floating fairies and twirling leaves by Australian kinetic sculptor Jade Oakley. She uses thin perforated metal profiles – some of which have been supplied by Arrow Metal – to create the most intricate elements of some of her giant metal mobiles, which can be seen in places such as Westfield Miranda and at the entrance to the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. Working with many different materials, Jade creates mobiles of all scales and sizes.

Arrow Metal: Wire mesh and perforated metal art supply

We can help you create wire mesh and perforated metal art, supplying the perfect profiles and grades of metal materials for any artistic or architectural project.

Speak to the Arrow Metal team on (02) 9748 2200 for expert advice and guidance or send us an enquiry here. Browse through our latest Projects to see some of our collaborations, including custom perforated metal creations.

Posted: July 10, 2017

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