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Why a perforated metal building facade is still the top choice

Look around any big city and you’ll see a type of perforated metal building facade on almost every corner.

Here’s why perforated metal is still rising up above wood and glass as the top facade material choice, as architects strive to reach new heights of sustainable building design:

Customisation choice and flexibility

No other facade material can be customised the way perforated metal can. It gives architects the ability to make a building truly unique without compromising on facade function.

Perforations can be CAD-designed to spell out words, illustrations, logos and graphics. Perforated metal sheets can be folded to create intricate building envelopes.

Take a look at the facade Arrow Metal created for Cowper Street block, Granville. It features lines from a poem and a graphic of the local river.

perforated metal building facade

Or the facade of Wayside Chapel which we perforated to incorporate the church’s motto.

perforated metal building facade

And the wave design featured on a coastal apartment block in Bay Street, Brighton le Sands.

perforated metal building facade

Our specialist team carefully manufactured all these facades to meet the architect’s strict specifications, whilst still maintaining performance.

Options for all project budgets

Standard profile perforated metal can be transformed through metal finish if project funds don’t stretch to a customised perforated metal building facade.

The Arrow Metal team can advise on colours, weathered or metallic effects, to help you create wow-factor perforated metal building facades that meet your budget. We can also advise on the right metal finishes for durability, in coastal or high temperature climates.

Sustainability & energy savings

Perforated metal is one of the greenest building materials around when sustainability is a key architectural focus. A perforated metal building facade can help reduce a building’s energy costs by maintaining building temperature. It also maximises natural air flow and ventilation and reduces solar heat and glare.

It’s also infinitely recyclable. And at Arrow Metal all our perforated metal is manufactured according to strict ISO environmental standards.

Screening with a view

Building occupants need shade and privacy. But also don’t want window views to be compromised by screening. A perforated metal building facade ticks all the boxes because it allows light and views to shine through.

The metal shutter facade Arrow Metal created for the new Infinity apartments in Canterbury features 500 individual folded panels.

perforated metal building facade

Arrow Metal: Perforated metal building facade expertise

Contact the Arrow Metal team about your project and perforated metal building facade ideas. We can help with specification and budget control, advising on the right profile and finish. Call us on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry.


Posted: January 28, 2019

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