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What is perforated metal used for?

Perforated metal is one of the most versatile materials around – but exactly what is perforated metal used for?

There are not many materials that you can tailor as precisely as perforated metal. Its adaptability, flexibility and customisation properties are why it has such an impressive list of usage credentials around the world: For interiors, exteriors, art, design, architecture and also in less glamorous applications, as an essential component for industry and agriculture. Not bad for a metal sheet with holes!

So to answer the question ‘what is perforated metal used for?’, here is a quick overview of some of the most popular ways you can use perforated metal, to give you some new ideas and inspiration for your projects:

What is perforated metal used for: An A-Z of some common uses


Acoustics: Perforated metal is a perfect noise controller. Add some acoustic material, specify the right hole arrangement and size and you can scatter, absorb and minimise many noise issues. Read our blog here all about how to use perforated metal in acoustics and why it is a sound solution to noise problems in restaurants, residential apartments and commercial buildings.

Artwork: Did you know that perforated metal is a big draw in the art world? Because metal can be perforated with any image using our advanced CAD drawing technology, you can make stunning and eye-catching decorative panels, just like we manufactured for Chatswood Interchange using the designer’s JPEG images. Or go big with a giant mural – like this red sports-themed installation at Blacktown Tennis Centre, another one of our custom projects. You can even use it as a sewing canvas! Perforated metal holes are ideal for threading – take a look at this giant woven doorway that a Sydney needlepoint artist was able to create using Arrow Metal perforated metal sheet.


Balustrade: Balustrade is all about safety and strength. But use perforated metal, and it goes from functional to focal point. Our balustrade projects for Brisbane ferry terminal and the fire stairs at 100 Mount Street are great examples of how the right pattern can transform balustrade into a fantastic architectural feature. And it is the same stylish story over at this residential home in Sydney, which needed a Federation-era balustrade for the period property’s renovation. We worked closely with the architect to create square pattern panels that were a perfect match, finished in white satin.

Perforated mild steel panels by Arrow Metal at 100 Mount St North Sydney building


Facade: Perforated metal is not only used in buildings – it is used around them, too. A building facade is a top answer to the question of ‘what is perforated metal used for?’, as it is one of the most common uses around the world. With a perforated metal facade you can achieve great aesthetic impact through pattern design and control building energy performance and comfort at the same time. Read our perforated metal facade systems guide here to learn more about how you can create a custom facade and some of our example bespoke facade projects, including a facade that features poetry and an aquatic centre that is making a splash with its wave-themed panels.

Fencing & screening: Screening and fencing panels often use perforated metal because the holes allow light to shine through whilst offering protection and privacy. Design options are effectively endless. Opt for a classic design or create a sheer effect. Or choose a mixed pattern that makes a very modern statement – as seen here at Hazelbrook Train Station. We manufactured these custom panels to a very specific architectural pattern – note how it is more solid at foot-level with greater visibility at eye-level.

Bespoke perforated metal design - Oatley Station


Sculpture: One of the benefits of perforated metal compared to other materials is that you can create a very thin and sheer perforated panel, which makes it flexible, malleable and ideal for art sculpture. Just look at these metal clouds that were made for Myer’s Christmas Wonderland at its Sydney department store. The ethereal, light-up sculptures were formed using Arrow Metal perforated panels.

Perforated metal for events - Christmas wonderland in Myer Sydney

Signage: Want a sign that stands out? Nolan’s Interstate Transport accelerated its brand awareness by opting for a giant custom perforated metal sign of their logo. We manufactured the giant 26m x 4m sign by splitting the design across several perforated panels, seamlessly joined together to create one large installation. Or you can score a sign like sportwear firm Asics has at its new Sydney HQ. The Asics signature ‘a’ logo is mounted onto Arrow Metal perforated panels, which are the perfect backing for the brand and double-up as climbing plant screens.

Carrington Age Care - Riverview apt Signage

Staircases: Staircase design is easily elevated if you use perforated metal. It is a great option for minimalist and industrial-style interiors, as used here at this home in Balmain, Sydney. This unique black-finished staircase is a custom design that we produced for the architects, based on a photograph that had special meaning to the homeowner.

Metal Staircase - Balmain House - Arrow Metal


Window shades: Large floor-to-ceiling windows maximise views but pose heat and privacy issues for residential architects. Perforated metal shutters give much-needed shade and maintain light filtration and views. You can customise the holes and shutter folding to suit the style of the building – as seen here at Infinity Apartments. We manufactured this shutter system to achieve the architect’s ‘veiled’ design, using a combination of zig-zag and flat folding screens for the striking semi-circular building shape.

Carrington Age Care - Riverview apt - bespoke perforated metal privacy screen

What is perforated metal used for? Get expert advice for your project from Arrow Metal

Talk to the Arrow Metal expert team about perforated metal suitability for your projects on (02) 9748 2200. You can also make an online enquiry here. Our expert team will advise you on your metal and pattern options, CAD-drawing customisation for your own design and give you a detailed quote for your project and production timescales.

Posted: March 16, 2021

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