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What are the Different Types of Perforations?

Punch a metal sheet with holes and what do you get? Depending on the pattern, it can be anything from an intricate work of art to a functional screen. It’s all down to the holes and their sizes, shape, and pitch. Here is your quick guide to the types of perforations we commonly punch and examples from our project archives for real-world inspiration.

Different types of perforations: Standard shapes

Popular for their classic appeal and timeless design, standard shapes like round, square, and slot suit a wide range of applications, particularly where the metal sheet has a specific function such as sound reduction, shading, privacy, strength, and ventilation.

Round holes

Round holes are the most common types of perforations we punch, not only because they are so versatile but also because they are the strongest perforation pattern. Round holes produce sheets ideal for load-bearing installations such as balustrade and staircases, as seen at the 100 Mount Street project in North Sydney, where round holes created a spectacular feature staircase that is also the building’s fire stairway.

Round holes are also the perforations that make it possible to recreate images and photos in perforated metal, right down to the tiniest detail. Take a look at the bespoke ventilation screens we manufactured for Archibald Residences, Bondi Junction. From a distance, these look like old photographs – but look closely and they are perforated metal screens, with the holes even reproducing the tram passengers’ facial expressions. 

Square holes

Square holes and radiused square holes can be punched in straight or diagonal pitches to create different effects. A straight pitch gives a uniform grid style, whilst a diagonal pitch produces a diamond-effect pattern. Square holes are popular for architectural applications that demand a traditional style, such as this screening and balustrade we manufactured for a Federation-era residential home renovation.

Slotted and rectangular holes

Rectangle and slotted holes are elegant, modern alternatives to square and round. One of the biggest advantages of these types of perforations is that you can install the sheet horizontally or vertically, each giving a dramatically different look and levels of visibility and privacy.

Slotted holes – rectangle perforations with rounded ends – are one of our best-selling types of perforations. You can see why in this example at the George Street precinct project in Sydney CBD. The slotted pattern commands attention and matches the formality of the business building’s contemporary lobby area.

Slotted patterns can also become light and airy designs, as seen here at NuSpace at the University of Newcastle. Slotted profile P376 was specified to create the walls of the building’s external learning booths, giving students plenty of daylight and privacy and helping to minimise noise and vibration from local windy conditions. 

Perforated metal screen walls, University of Newcastle, Arrow Metal

Different Types of Perforations: Geometric shapes

Geometric types of perforations are a bold choice for statement architecture and decorative applications. Hexagons, stars, diamonds, and more are all possible through our specialised tooling machinery.

Our range of exclusive geometric patterns, created to meet the increasing demand for unusual profiles, include:

Pattern 8423 – A soft-edged star profile

Pattern 848 – A houndstooth-style design

Pattern 8652 – A crystal-shaped perforation

Pattern 622 – An elegant honeycomb design and new addition to our hexagon collection

Explore more creative perforations here.

Customisable and Mixed Types of Perforations

Too hard to choose between types of perforations? Take a look at our mixed designs. Pattern 2319 features five different round hole styles for a stunning effect, as seen in gold at Como train station and at Merrylands RSL Club, curved and finished in white.

Or explore our range of cost-effective customisable profiles – unique architectural patterns where you can customise every aspect at a lower cost than a fully bespoke solution. Dynamic, must-see designs include Ombre, Weave, Haze, and 3D-effect Blox.

Or make your own design a reality. We manufacture bespoke architectural patterns using our PixelPerf CAD technology for precision perforation. Create images, words, logos, and more – see how it works here.

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Need more perforation ideas?

Explore our many types of perforations in our brochure. Samples are available with full specification details – call (02) 9748 2200 or email for more information, including current lead times and metal options.

Browse or download our Perforated Metal Catalogue  or  Project Look Book for more perforated metal inspiration.

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Posted: July 14, 2023

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