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Using perforated metal: 5 things that affect results

Using perforated metal in your next project? It’s exciting to imagine and plan your own unique custom design, the finish effect you want and whether to add a splash of on-trend colour.

But before we get to the creative parts of using perforated metal, there are five essential factors you also need to consider, which can influence your end result:

  • Useage: What will you be using perforated metal for? Perforated metal specified for its performance and strength will have very specific requirements, much more than metal made for simple decorative or artistic interior use. End-use influences everything – the perforation pattern, hole size, pitch, metal material and finish. But just because function is foremost, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have the statement artistic design you’ve imagined. At Arrow Metal our expertise means we can make even the most intricate perforation pattern perform how you need it to.
  • Location: Inside or outside? Marine, coastal environment or inland location? Extreme temperatures or fluctuating weather? The environmental location of your perforated metal matters, because it impacts metal suitability, durability and finish.
  • Budget: How much have you got to invest in perforated metal for your project? It’s important to understand what’s possible within your budget and what isn’t. But if you’re budget restricted, the good news is that it’s not a creativity killer. At Arrow Metal we have ways of making your budget go much further than you imagined. A bespoke CAD drawn design might be out of reach. But a classic perforation design can be given a whole new customised lease of life with an inventive choice of colour or finish. Can’t afford brass? We’ll use a metallic coating instead, that gives you all the look without the expense.
  • Additional performance: Is there anything special you want the perforated metal to do? Perforated metal is a true architectural multi-tasker. It can absorb sound, increase air flow, reduce building temperatures, give privacy to occupants and shade from the sun. So if you’re using perforated metal as a building façade for instance, what else does it need to do and what other benefits can we make possible through clever perforation?
  • Timescale: How quickly do you need perforated metal? If you’re planning on a customised design, the sooner you bring the Arrow Metal team on board in your project the better. So we can work closely with you at every stage from initial design to completion and installation, making any required changes as your project progresses for the perfect result. But it’s not unusual for us to get last-minute requests that need a quick turnaround. If time is really of the essence, we have a large in-stock inventory of popular standard profiles that are ready to ship to anywhere in Australia.

Using perforated metal: Arrow Metal expertise

If you’re not sure about what type of perforated metal you need, talk to our expert team for friendly advice on (02) 9748 2200 or tell us about your project and its requirements through our online enquiry form. We’ll come back to you quickly.

Using perforated metal - what to consider


Posted: May 25, 2018

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