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Triangle perforated metal is on point

Triangle perforated metal and prism shapes are the newest trend point in architecture, showcased in recent projects including in Tel Aviv and  Lahdelma & Mahlamäki’s ‘Trigoni’ cluster of high density smart towers in Helsinki.

At D3 House, the white aluminium triangular facade is perforated in key places, offering a tantalising glimpse of life inside whilst allowing light to shine out at night. Inside the property the triangle theme continues with perforated shapes in shelving systems and dividing walls for decorative light and shadow play.

Triangle perforated metal - Pitsou Kidem’s D3 House

Triangle perforated metal - Pitsou Kidem’s D3 House

Triangle perforated metal - Pitsou Kidem’s D3 House

Lahdelma & Mahlamäki’s winning plans for triangular towers in Helsinki allow the buildings to neatly slot together on the site, with the angle of each tower reducing overlooking but maximising light and views.

Triangle perforated metal - Lahdelma & Mahlamäki’s Triangle perforated metal - Lahdelma & Mahlamäki’s

Popular triangle perforated metal projects

The triangle has returned to form as a top shape for perforated metal thanks to the sheer scope of patterns that can be achieved. When specified randomly, the effect is striking – take a look at the footbridge panels the Arrow Metal team created for Oatley Train Station’s redevelopment.

This incredibly complicated and intricate triangular pattern began with CAD drawing by our design team. Individual drawings were drafted for each footbridge panel, ensuring that each piece would not only perfectly fit, but achieved the architect’s design vision.

Triangle perforated metal - Oatley Footbridge Station

And although it might seem a random pattern, the placement of the triangles was actually very specific in arrangement. If you look closely you can see large, open perforations on the side for light filtration and views, and smaller-sized triangles on the roof for weather protection.

Triangle perforated metal - Oatley Footbridge Station

Triangle shapes on display

It’s not just in architecture that we’ve seen triangles emerge as an on-trend favourite. Cut-out triangles are delicately wearable for the custom display stands Arrow Metal made for Jay Productions & Events, for world-renowned jeweller Pandora.

Tiny triangles were used to create an intricate and uniquely feminine perforated lace pattern, the perfect platform to showcase the new DO range.

Triangle perforated metal - Pandora Launch event display

Arrow Metal: Custom triangle perforated metal

Arrow Metal can create custom triangle perforated metal to your specifications, for building facade, decorative panels, balustrade and more, with a choice of finishes for a unique touch.

Send us an online enquiry to discuss your project or call our friendly team on (02) 9748 2200. You can also explore our perforated metal capabilities in our Projects gallery.


Posted: November 19, 2018

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