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Trend Alert! Multi-layered facades design tips

Multi-layered facades that use perforated metal are creating some seriously spectacular structures. Latest examples making architecture headlines include a white multi-layered facade that glows at night and an incredible 3D facade of perforated metal boxes that covers an office block in Brazil.

What makes these types of facades special, of course, is how they work. Instead of finishing a building at its windows, the glazed surface is overlaid with screens of perforated metal.

This extra covering completely changes the appearance of the building, turning visual impact up to the max as a structure goes from solid by day to light-diffused at dusk.

A multi-layered perforated metal facade is also a multi-tasker, filtering light, sound, and solar heat all whilst maintaining occupant privacy.

Let’s take a look at some of the profiles that work well for multi-layered facades, and customisation options for facades that really wrap up building design.

Multi-layered facades: Popular patterns

To create that semi-transparent, translucent style that’s oh so on-trend right now, choose a perforated metal profile that features round holes, closely spaced. This type of pattern results in a sheer, veiled covering for the building which from a distance in daylight, can appear solid.

There is a whole range of hole sizes available, from small to medium and large – just make sure that your pattern has a high open area percentage to create that all-important transparent effect.

Great patterns to choose for smaller holes include P238 (8mm holes, 62% open area) and P244 (9.5mm holes, 51% open area). For larger holes, take a look at P258 (19mm holes, 51% open area) or P284, which has 40mm holes and a 58% open area.

All these patterns – except for P284 – are in stock in a range of panel sizes for immediate dispatch, making them a fantastic facade option if you have a short lead time.

Facade colours: White hot

Using a perforated metal multi-layered facade also means you have the option to colour it.

Architects appear to be favouring bright white right now, as it works so well when creating sheer screening and makes a stand-out statement, too.

You can choose any shade you like or a combination of colours – just look at the metal facade that we manufactured for the Infinity apartments building in Canterbury. It uses different shades of grey to add extra visual interest and the smaller holes give residents much-needed privacy whilst maintaining views – because it’s not just what you see from the outside that matters, but from the inside too!

Multi-layered facades - design tips by Arrow Metal

Customising multi-layered facades

If you want multi-layered facade designs that are totally unique, then why not create your own? We can use your picture, image, or illustration as the basis for your perforation pattern, punched to the smallest detail by our software-controlled machinery.

A customised multi-layered facade might be used for branding – like the metal panels we made for Wayside Chapel’s facade.

Multi-layered facades - design tips by Arrow Metal

Or, you might want your design to have a community or historic link – as seen at Cowper Street Granville, which has a facade that pays homage to the local river system. You can learn more about how to make your own perforated metal design in our blog here.

Multi-layered facades - design tips by Arrow Metal

Or why not take a standard in-stock or made-to-order profile, and give it a twist? Folding the perforated facade panels gives you even more creative scope and can easily be achieved by our team post-punching.

Whatever properties your facade needs to have and however it needs to perform, you can rely on our years of metal manufacturing expertise to make it happen.

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Posted: June 7, 2021

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