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Top Perforated Metal Patterns: Round-end Slot

What do you get if you cross a rectangle with a circle? One of Arrow Metal’s most requested and popular standard perforated metal patterns – the round-end slot.

More stylish than a square, more chic than a circle and softer than a rectangle, the round-end slot – a rectangle with curved edges and ends – is the best of all worlds for architects and designers.

Project examples: Round-end slot perforated metal patterns

Take a look at these Arrow Metal projects to see how round-end slot perforated metal patterns can be used in different ways:

George St Precinct, Sydney

The revival of iconic George Street in the heart of Sydney is a huge project for the city, with one of its key elements a new corporate tower. Arrow Metal manufactured the perforated metal panels for the complex’s super-sized lobby lifts and elevators. The panels feature round-end slot perforations, a shape specified specifically for its high-end, elegant and sophisticated look and lighting effects when back-lit.

Perforated metal patterns - George St project by Arrow Metal Perforated metal patterns - George St project by Arrow Metal

NewSpace, University of Newcastle

NewSpace is the University of Newcastle’s $95m landmark and multi award-winning education precinct.

A next-generation learning campus, NewSpace has unique indoor/outdoor learning booths, which use perforated metal screen walls made by Arrow Metal.

The specified slimline round-end slot pattern – number 376 – gives the walls enough transparency whilst maintaining privacy and the incredible architecture of the building.

But these weren’t the only reasons this pattern was chosen. It also met wind-resistance criteria in an area known for its blustery climate, ensuring minimal noise and comfort for students.

Perforated metal patterns - University of Newcastle project by Arrow Metal Perforated metal patterns - University of Newcastle project by Arrow Metal Perforated metal patterns - University of Newcastle project by Arrow Metal

Round-end slot perforated metal made-to-order

Round-end slot perforated metal sheets are a manufactured-to-order item at Arrow Metal.

Turnaround time is fast and we have a range of standard round-edge slot profiles for your projects. Choose from a variety of slot sizes, straight and staggered pitches and open-area percentages to meet your strength and aesthetic requirements.

Create a mesh-style delicate appearance with a slimline round-edge slot, or go big and bold with a compact and chunky size.

Round-end slot perforated metal patterns: Order today

Talk to our team on (02) 9748 2200 to discuss a round-end slot design for your project or send us an online enquiry.

Our experts will advise on the best profile that meets your needs, taking into account your requirements including product performance, location, any environmental conditions, desired finish and colours.

Posted: March 11, 2019

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