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The rise of smart skyscrapers

Imagine a skyscraper that isn’t just an impressive tall building – but a responsive, living machine. That’s the vision of city living from architecture and tech firm AI SpaceFactory, which has unveiled its latest smart skyscrapers currently under construction.

AI SpaceFactory’s smart skyscapers and urban projects are a combination of cutting-edge architectural design and advanced physical, digital and biological technology including robotics and machine learning, harnessing data to respond to the environment and people.

Its pilot Ping An Asset Tower opens up and ‘breathes’ according to the building’s ventilation systems and movement of people within, via an outdoor kinetic ceiling of kite-shaped panels.

Smart skyscrapers - An Ping building Smart skyscrapers - An Ping building

Images sourced from AI SpaceFactory

Smart skyscrapers: People-centric design

What’s most amazing about the next-generation of tall towers is that it’s people that are shaping the design. Smart skyscapers aren’t just about incredible technology, the focus is on sustainability and building cities for better living.

Deloittle’s office in Amsterdam is a great example. Designed by PLP, The Edge is ‘the greenest and most intelligent office in the world,’ the ultimate in smart, connected buildings that use data to control energy use.

It tells you where you can park your car when you arrive and checks your schedule for the day. It finds you the most appropriate desk based on your working needs, adapting the environment of your workspace to your preferences for light and temperature.

Thanks to clever use of solar, The Edge produces more energy than occupants consume and uses 70% less energy than a comparable office space. No wonder it won the world’s highest ever BREEAM rating for a commercial building.

Smart skyscrapers - Deloitte building Smart skyscrapers - Deloitte building Smart skyscrapers - Deloitte building

Images sourced from PLP Architecture

Smart skyscrapers and metal technology

Metal technology has already made it possible for sustainability to be part of the very fabric of a building. A perforated metal façade can be customised and created to perform specific energy-saving tasks, such as cooling, shading or heating. Smart skyscraper technology is set to take this an exciting step further, by continuously adapting building facades according to occupant needs, energy use and weather conditions.

Arrow Metal: Architectural facades

If you’re using metal for smart building facade or environmental benefits, talk to the Arrow Metal team for specification advice and standard or custom metal facade solutions. Send us an online enquiry or call us on (02) 9748 2200.

Posted: November 13, 2018

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