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Metal marvel: Uses of perforated metal

Perforated metal is much more than just a metal panel with holes. The sheer diversity of uses of perforated metal makes it an architectural, engineering and industrial must-have. Perforated metal is capable of  transforming a building. It can control the elements of heat, light, sound and air flow. It can create privacy, or divide a room. And protect from falls and workplace injuries.

With an extensive choice of hole styles, sizes and materials – from steel to aluminium, brass and copper – engineers, architects and designers use perforated metal to achieve both aesthetic and performance applications indoors and out. Here are the most common uses of perforated metal that you’ll see everyday:

Perforated metal fencing and balustrade

Perforated metal fencing and balustrade infill panels provide a solid and strong security protection barrier, at the same time providing texture and style to add sophistication to a project. Some metals, such as stainless steel and aluminium, are ideal to be used externally due to their resistance to corrosion and rust.

Uses of perforated metal fencing and balustrade arrow metal

Perforated metal facades

Architects increasingly specify perforated metal building facades for their strength, durability and versatility of design. Using  modern manufacturing technology and a customised tooling process, Arrow Metal can create almost any design in perforated metal, from flowing curved creations to folded gold panels. Giving architects the freedom to create truly unique building designs.

Uses of perforated metal building facade arrow metal

Perforated metal acoustic solutions

Perforated metal is a sound solution for acoustic issues. The perforations allow sound to travel through, to be either absorbed or scattered depending on the materials behind it. The open area percentage of each perforation pattern will determine the sound flow, influencing the acoustic results.

Perforated metal machine guards

The strength of perforated metal provides the perfect safety barrier for machinery, whilst maintaining visibility and allowing air flow. The range of perforation sizes offer different levels of protection according to the application.

Uses of perforated metal machine guards arrow metal

Perforated metal room dividers

The sheer diversity of bespoke perforation designs and metal finishes means that perforated metal is the ideal material to be used as room dividers, offering a functional, stylish and unique space solution.

uses of perforated metal room dividers arrow metal

Photo source: HomeDSGN

Perforated metal ceiling panels

Perforated metal used on the ceiling has both passive environmental and design benefits, controlling sound and light from above whilst adding an industrial element to a scheme’s design.

Uses of perforated metal ceiling panels arrow metal

Perforated metal sun shades and security screens

Perforated metal is a solar and security solution for residential developments. It provides adjustable shading allowing filtered light,  maximising visibility from inside and yet preventing visibility from the outside. Screens are often manufactured from aluminium which is lightweight yet durable, with a range of versatile finishes. Uses of perforated metal sun shades and security screens arrow metal

Posted: February 15, 2017

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