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Sustainable Architecture: Why Aluminium?

Aluminium is the most popular type of metal we perforate. It’s not just lightweight and versatile. It’s the most reusable and recyclable material on the planet, making it the top choice for sustainable architecture and specification.

With greater demand for supply chain and procurement transparency in line with ESG practices, here’s a quick look into why aluminium is the circular economy champion – and how using it can contribute and align with your project and company sustainability goals.

Why Aluminium for Sustainable Architecture: What the Experts Say

To find out more about aluminium’s role in building sustainable architecture and how our products can help meet client sustainability targets, we attended the Aluminium Insights Panel at Sydney Build 2024.

Speakers highlighted the drive towards more sustainable production methods, responsible sourcing, and certification led by the Aluminium Stewardship Council that goes beyond mere sustainability and into the supply chain for reassurance of sustainable ESG practices from mine to manufacturer to sale.

Key takeaways included:
  • 75% of the aluminium ever made is still in use today
  • How it’s made impacts the carbon footprint – fossil fuels vs. renewable electricity, for example
  • Australian aluminium manufacturers are producing low-carbon aluminium at a low premium to meet the demand for greener products
  • Aluminium ‘remade in Australia’ is a desirable future goal rather than offshore recycling – with a focus on ‘building to disassemble’

Sustainable Architecture & Aluminium: What we’re Doing at Arrow Metal

We’re committed to ensuring that all our perforated aluminium products contribute to a sustainable, circular economy and support environmental targets, giving you the reassurance of working with a supplier that takes sustainability seriously.

We collaborate with architects, designers, and specifiers across Australia to manufacture panels that meet sustainable architecture and project targets:

  • We use aluminium that’s at least 54% recycled content
  • All our aluminium products are 100% recyclable at end-of-life
  • Our perforated panels are durable and long-lasting
  • We use low-VOC environmentally friendly finishes from leading manufacturers
  • Sustainability is part of our own manufacturing processes – all panels are produced according to our Environmental Policy

We even recycle all the solid ‘holes’ produced during punching, ensuring none go to waste.

Explore our Sustainable Architecture Projects

Our perforated aluminium panels have built sustainable projects across Australia in sectors including supermarkets and schools.

At Woolworths in North Parramatta, we helped deliver a greener build by supplying perforated aluminium for a new facade. The grocery giant turned a former Bunnings Warehouse into a Woolworths and BWS store, repurposing a site rather than building in line with its sustainability commitment.

In education, our panels have given schools including a makeover without the environmental impact, disruption, or cost of rebuilding classrooms. Used as building cladding and facade at schools including Pittwater House, Canterbury Public, and Sydney Secondary College, our aluminium panels have modernised dated buildings and created sustainable and comfortable learning environments.

Sustainable Architecture Solutions: Collaborate with Arrow Metal

For detailed information about our aluminium supply chain, sourcing, and products, contact our team at or (02) 9748 2200.

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Posted: June 6, 2024

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