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Perforated screen facades that are sun-smart

Buildings are getting smarter, and not just in the way they look. Windows can now auto-tint to changing conditions. And a perforated screen facade isn’t just functional but the stuff of science fiction, adapting to the movement of the sun.

These intelligent perforated screen facades – which auto-close and open to provide much-welcomed heat relief without you needing to do a thing – are one of the coolest additions to a building we’ve seen.

There are also facades where the screens might look randomly placed but which are, in fact, very specific and precise according to the solar position.

Many of these types of facades use perforated metal – and here’s why. It’s one of the best building envelope materials you’ll find. Because it offers the perfect balance of natural sunlight, ventilation, protection against solar glare and temperature control. Add in sensor technology and you have a building material that’s next level.

Take a look at these dazzling examples of facades that work with the sun and help to improve the overall building performance too. Now that’s a really smart way to use perforated metal:

Kalvebod Fælled School, Copenhagen

The perforated screen facade at this circular-shaped school in Germany is a great lesson in how smart technology can enhance functional building materials and sustainability.

Each of the staggered windows of Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter’s Kalvebod Fælled School has its own shiny perforated metal panel, which can move automatically depending on sunlight and glare or be moved manually.

The futuristic style of the facade is achieved using a mix of solid and perforated panels. The school is classed as low energy, 38 KwH/m²/year, despite being a bustling education centre by day and a community hub at night for sports, social and adult learning courses.

Perforated screen facades that are sun smart

Images sourced from Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter’s website.

Cruzen-Murray Library, Idaho

The Cruzen-Murray Academic Library building by Richärd Kennedy Architects uses specially-placed perforated screen ‘fins’ to provide sun shelter. The copper panels which circle the round building are carefully arranged to allow just the right amount of light in at all times of day. And throughout the changing seasons, too.

Perforated screen facades that are sun smart Perforated screen facades that are sun smart

Images sourced from Richärd Kennedy Architects website

Shade House, Bangkok

This bright white home has a very appropriate name. Called ‘Shade House,’ Ayutt and Associates use perforated metal to great design and environmental effect. The self-sustainable home not only has its own in-built eco-system, but a perforated metal panel facade that significantly reduces heat and solar glare. Air and sunlight filter through the facade into the living spaces, keeping temperatures inside balmy compared to the scorching Summer heat.

Perforated screen facades that are sun smart Perforated screen facades that are sun smart Perforated screen facades that are sun smart

Images sourced from Ayutt and Associates website.

How we make a perforated screen facade sun-smart

The secret of the success of perforated metal facade panels for solar glare and light control is not just in the perforation design, but often in the way they’re folded, to angle against the sun. At Arrow Metal we can perforate metal in any pattern, and then fold or bend the panels into your desired shape post-production.

Our project at Infinity Apartments in Cooks River is a great example of the impact folding can have. The facade which covers the floor-to-ceiling feature glass windows has a unique folding system. Some of the panels fold completely flat, others in a zig-zag design. The result is a stunning facade that controls the interior temperatures, solar glare and maintains views, exactly the ‘veiled podium’ architects Chanine Design envisioned.

Perforated screen facades that are sun smart Perforated screen facades that are sun smart

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Posted: June 29, 2020

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