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Show your metal: Inspirational interior uses of metal

Metal is one of the coolest hot trends for interiors. From staircases to shelving, wall panels, room dividers and decor, the interior uses of metal are inspirationally endless.

Here are our favourite ways from across the web to show your metal, whether you prefer the sleek sophistication of stainless steel, the warmth of copper or the bold richness of brass:

Stairway to metallic heights

Staircases are a great way to step up metallic influences because of their focal point interior position. Versatile in design, you can use perforated metal or woven wire mesh to create a real accent ascent and decorative descent.

Villa Mallorca’s staircase is all over Pinterest for good reason – these stunning steps featuring perforated copper panels are the central heart of this incredible residential home in Spain. Designed by Studio Mishin and Arup, the staircase features over 12,000 intricate perforations, perfectly lit for maximum visual impact.

Image sourced from Arup

For something a little less bold, Architecture MU installed this wire mesh staircase at The Nook residence in Quebec, Canada. It acts as a safety barrier whilst maintaining the serenity and open space of the development. It’s the perfect pairing of wood and metal – warm and cold.

interior use of metal - Woven wire metal staircase

Image sourced from Architecture MU

Room panels: Divide and conquer the metallic trend

Room dividers are one of the most common interior uses of metal. Open wire mesh designs divide without dominating an interior, whilst perforated metal adds a unique and focal metallic touch.

Studio Lotus gave luxury brand Rohit Bal an opulent interior for its store in New Delhi, which included rusted metal interior screens – jaalis – perforated with the brand’s signature lotus motif.

Interior use of metal - retail projectImage sourced from Studio Lotus

Perforated screens tempt and attract customers to explore Max & Co’s Hong Kong retail outlet, designed by Duccio Grassi Architects. The sharp perforation patterns work perfectly with the curved screens to create interest yet maintain a light and airy ambience.

Interior use of metal - retail projectImage sourced from Duccio Grassi Architects

Lighting up interior uses of metal

Perforated metal is an illuminating way to use metal in interiors. The perforation pattern dictates light level and shadow, creating endless stunning effects.

Rockwell Group demonstrates the diversity of perforated metal at the Nobu restaurant in Beijing. Serpentine bronze chandeliers adorn the ceiling, which each feature a laser cut cherry blossom design, inspired by Chinese folk art

Interior use of metal - design metal chandelierImage sourced from Rockwell Group

Wire mesh creates a clean urban feel at the new Camper store in the Shin-Marunouchi building in Tokyo. Designed by Shemata Architects, the stockroom is encased in steel mesh to highlight staff movements and create a sense of depth, whilst display tables also feature wire mesh to continue the theme.

Interior use of metal - retail projectImage sourced from Schemata Architects

Decorative doors: Open up the interior uses of metal

Metal doors are one of the easiest interior uses of metal. Adding wire mesh inserts to doors, or using mesh to separate and store, makes it simple and quick to create an industrial style revolution.

Utah-based Establish Design – architect Bradford Houston and designers Elizabeth Wixom and Kimberly Rasmussen – uses metallic mesh in cabinetry in residential homes, merging country and industrial for sophisticated, refined chic.

Interior use of metal - residential projectImage sourced from Establish Design

Studio McGee’s mesh-fronted cupboards make the laundry room at this residential home a clean and stylish space. The grey-green of the paint works perfectly to complement the delicate metal mesh.

Interior use of metal - residential projectImage sourced from Studio McGee

Bespoke perforated metal, woven and welded wire mesh products for interiors

We can create bespoke perforated metal panels or woven wire mesh products in even the most complex and intricate designs for interiors. Speak to Arrow Metal’s specialist team to see how we can inspire your project on (02) 9748 2200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Posted: June 6, 2017

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