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Round Hole Perforated metal has the top spot

Round hole perforated metal takes the top spot for metal perforation pattern. It may be the most common and simplest type of shape to perforate, but it’s anything but basic.

With the right perforation skill and specialist tooling techniques, round hole perforated metal can be customised and transformed into the most intricate design, logo or illustration. Just combine a variety of round hole sizes, and you’ll see a completely different effect emerge.

But the secret of its success isn’t just its endless creative opportunities – round hole perforated metal has such universal appeal because it’s also one of the strongest types of perforation shape.

To see just what a humble round hole can really achieve, take a look at these inspirational projects completed by Arrow Metal – they all feature round hole perforated metal:

Wayside Chapel: Getting its message across with a custom-created façade

The motto ‘Love Over Hate’ is a welcome message for visitors at the award-winning Wayside Chapel in Potts Point. Arrow Metal created the incredible heartfelt logo by combining solid metal with round hole perforations, resulting in an eye-catching entrance for the environmentally-friendly inner-city refuge.

Round hole perforated metal - Arrow Metal

Blacktown Tennis Centre: Sports-themed mural

Round hole perforated metal is a smash at this multi-million dollar tennis centre in Blacktown. Arrow Metal expertly perforated lightweight aluminium panels with a precise series of round holes to create a striking sports-themed mural, a focal feature of the $16m tennis centre, which is the largest of its kind in NSW.

ound hole perforated metal panels by Arrow Metal

Round hole perforated metal panels by Arrow Metal

Bay Street apartments: Ocean-inspired façade

The ocean-inspired façade for boutique block 342 Bay Street in Brighton-le-Sands was made using a clever combination of large and small round hole perforations. Project architects Tony Owen Architects turned to Arrow Metal to bring the unique wave façade design to life, relying on our precision perforation skills to maximise each beachside apartment’s natural light and spectacular sea view.

Round hole perforated metal facade by Arrow Metal

Basement Brewhouse: Shimmering ceiling panels

The round hole perforated metal ceiling panels of Bankstown Sports Club’s new Basment Brewhouse microbrewery are a shining example of the versatility of round perforations. Coated in Antique Gold to mirror the bar’s metallic industrial theme, it’s a project which really shows the difference a finish can make to a simple, common perforation design.

Round hole perforated metal ceiling panels - Arrow Metal

Narellan Town Centre: Perforated screens have their own story

The round hole perforated metal screens at Narellan Town Centre shopping complex have a story to tell – look closely and you’ll see that these humble holes in fact form intricate illustrations of trees, trains and text about local history. Arrow Metal’s specialist tooling created the sensory screens which circle a play area, creating a vibrant and fun experience for children.

Round hole perforated metal screens by Arrow Metal

Round hole perforated metal screens by Arrow Metal

Round hole perforated metal inspiration from Arrow Metal

Speak to the Arrow Metal team to explore how round hole perforated metal can transform your project. We have standard profiles in stock or can customise round hole perforated metal into any design of your specification, taking into account your project’s unique factors.

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Posted: October 9, 2017

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