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Wayside Chapel’s message is large and clear in the community after Arrow Metal created a custom perforated metal facade for its award-winning new church building.

Featuring the church’s motto ‘Love Over Hate’, the striking facade sits above the glass front of the purpose-built building, making an eye catching and welcoming statement to visitors and users of the inner city refuge facility.

Perforated metal facade experts: Logos, graphics and images

The crest was created by noted environmental architect Tone Wheeler of Environa studio, who turned to the experts at Arrow Metal to accurately recreate the unique design in environmentally-friendly perforated metal.

With sustainability, durability and environmental impact key design factors for all the materials in the new building, the crest wasn’t just a decorative addition but a functional facade controlling natural light and air flow.

Arrow Metal created a series of perforated metal panels, all individually perforated through specialised tooling configurations to form the crest design. Using its considerable perforated metal design skills, logos, graphics and brand messages can all be incorporated into perforated metal panels for any project.

Wayside Chapel: Award-winning architecture that makes a difference

Wayside Chapel has won multiple architectural awards including the gold medal Francise Greenway Society Green Building Award. A project 15 years in the making, Wayside Chapel adhere’s to Environa’s ethos of ‘long life, loose fit, low impact’.

All materials were chosen for low environmental impact in their origin, manufacture, use and recycling, making a perforated metal facade the perfect passive environmental design for the iconic building.

An independent arm of the United Church, Wayside Chapel will be providing health, welfare and support to those in need around Sydney’s Kings Cross area for many years to come.

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