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The golden arches of McDonald’s, Coca-Cola red, Cadbury purple, and Facebook’s iconic blue – colours that are so recognisable, they are all you need to identify the brand. With such strong and instant associations, it is no surprise that architects and designers incorporate brand colours into building designs, fit-outs, and events – with perforated metal a top choice when specifying building products for brands.

It has the advantage over other materials because every aspect can be completely matched to the brand – the colour, the pattern, the style, and it can even be punched with the logo, making it a cost-effective and stylish solution to incorporating brand identity into architecture and design.

Take a look at these examples of how architects and designers have used Arrow Metal perforated metal when specifying building products for brands. In each of these case studies, our perforated metal is an integral part of brand messaging and project success:

KFC Restaurants

Classic-style perforated metal in a 40% open area round hole profile is a tasty on-brand addition to KFC’s latest batch of restaurant makeovers. Working with project signage, façade remodelling and fit-out companies we manufactured perforated metal for around 20 KFC locations across NSW and QLD. Made using 3mm aluminium and powder coated post-manufacture in ‘KFC red’, our perforated metal panels are a key ingredient of the restaurant fit-out and exterior signage.


Sarah & Sebastian Jewellery

A perforated ceiling in an Arrow Metal honeycomb design is the shining finishing piece for fine Australian jewellery brand Sarah & Sebastian’s first-ever mall destination in Australia. To manufacture the perforated ceiling for Sarah & Sebastian’s first mall store, we perforated 3mm aluminium panels in pattern P629 – a modern large-scale hexagon pattern from our exclusive hand-drawn Cosmic collection.


Bakers Delight Store Fitout

Bakers Delight 

What do you do when no standard powder colour matches the brand? We rose to the challenge for Bakers Delight, creating custom-coloured perforated panels in the brand’s signature shade for selected stores across Australia. The bakery’s distinctive ‘Wild Berry’ hue had no powder paint equivalent, so working with our colour manufacturer and Bakers Delight construction fit-out company J+CG, we had it specially made for application post-production, with the 2mm aluminium panels bent in a specific way to hang perfectly in line with the fit-out requirements. All Bakers Delight panels are perforated in pattern P226, a classic 4.8mm round hole design with a 51% open area.


Aluminium perforated sheet by Arrow Metal - Asics Oceania office


When you are an international sports brand, logo and branding take first place. We manufactured custom perforated panels for ASICS new Oceania HQ, creating an impressive green wall logo backdrop. The bespoke pattern of each 2mm panel was based on our popular P287 design, but with 70mm diameter holes punched in a pitch of 78mm to make it suitable for plant growth, in line with ASICS focus on green landscaping at its new site. Panels were then finished in a ‘Windspray’ colour, to match the HQ’s aesthetic style.


Golston Jewellery 

There’s no better way to shine as a jewellery brand than with a gold window display. We perforated panels for Golston Jewellery’s new luxury Sydney store, working with project designers Loopcreative to bring their creative concept to life – a ‘lightbox’ design that would envelop the windows and give just the right amount of soft-focus lighting.

Panels were finished in a rich gold-coloured coating, to complement the pieces and match the store’s sophisticated gold-and-pink interior.


temporary metal architectural structure


For jewellery brand Pandora, it was the accessories that mattered. We were called in by our long-standing client Jay Productions & Events to manufacture panels for display stands for the brand’s prestigious DO collection press launch.

The intricate stands perfectly matched the beautiful aesthetics of the collection and ensured the jewellery took centre stage.


Sydney Secondary College 

For schools, logos and colours are the instant identifiers, with our renovation project for Sydney Secondary College’s Balmain campus scoring top marks for branding. A public sector project in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education, we manufactured over 330 perforated 3mm aluminium panels in pattern 234 to cover concrete walls that had degraded – a cost-effective solution that meant minimal disruption to student learning. Panels were colour-matched to the school colours and custom-made to extend the colour warranty and durability to 25 years, ensuring our panels met key project deliverables.

Specifying Building Products for Brands: Make an Enquiry 

Discuss your next brand project with our expert design team. We custom-manufacture perforated metal in any design and brand colour, to meet all project requirements. We work with architects, designers, and specifiers throughout Australia, providing a range of project support including:

  • Free pattern samples
  • Detailed technical specification packs with all product information and options
  • Advice from our metal experts during product research stage
  • Help with specifying building products for project tenders
  • Collaborative solutions for project design challenges

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