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  • Triangle perforated metal - Oatley Footbridge Station
  • Perforated sheet metal facade by Arrow Metal - Bunburry Swimming Pool project
  • Quality perforated metal
  • Carrington Age Care - Riverview apt Signage
  • Blacktown Leisure Centre
  • Supplier of bespoke perforated metal | Arrow Metal
  • Perforated metal ceiling panels

About this project

Set your project goals and define your design vision with the help of our perforated metal project Look Book. A curated collection of some of our biggest architectural projects, it’s packed with creative perforated metal uses and statement style ideas. Perforated metal inspiration, done! Download your copy here or browse by use and project type below.

Perforated Metal Uses: Privacy & Solar Screening

Perforated metal is the ideal screening solution for buildings as pattern hole sizes, open area percentage, and pitch can be customised to ensure maximum privacy and sun protection for occupants without compromising visibility, natural light, and airflow.

It’s why some of the most popular perforated metal uses are apartment shutters and facades. With endless pattern options ranging from modern shapes to custom styles, panels can be made to match the building architecture, reflect a brand, or make a stand-out statement, giving architects extensive creative freedom for all types of projects. Take a look at these Arrow Metal projects for privacy and solar screening ideas:

  • Sun smart public school:

Canterbury South Public School’s screen facade doesn’t just get top marks for its stunning golden pattern, but also because it’s designed to match the movement of the sun. Holes are cleverly spaced differently on the panels, letting in more light and warmth on shady sides of the building and keeping out strong solar rays on sunny aspects.

  • First-class train station:

Oatley Station’s striking footbridge works with the weather, too. Its intricate geometric triangle pattern has larger more open perforations on the side walls for light filtration and smaller-sized triangles on the roof for weather protection.

Triangle perforated metal - Oatley Footbridge Station

  • Cool swimming pool:

Sunbury Aquatic Centre’s wave-pattern perforated screens make an architectural splash, giving users privacy and solar protection whilst reflecting the building’s purpose.

  • Elevated learning:

These are no ordinary classrooms – Students at the award-winning Newcastle University NUspace take learning to new heights, studying in booths that just out from the facade, meters above the ground. We manufactured the perforated metal booth walls, giving users incredible views and maximum wind protection.

Quality perforated metal

  • Eye-catching apartments:

Splenda apartments in Botany have incredible copper-coloured solar screens, which fold open and closed. The perforated panels are installed on the sides of the block that are affected by strong sunlight and retain the occupant’s expansive views.

Decorative Perforated Metal Uses

Decorative applications are where perforated metal really shines. With aesthetics the priority, perforated patterns go from functional to fabulous, ranging from incredibly detailed photograph replication to stunning works of art and illustration. We love these projects for their unusual perforated metal uses:

  • Local history to life:

Passers-by get a glimpse of the past at the Archibald Residences apartment block in Bondi Junction. We created custom perforated metal panels using historic black and white photos of the local tramways that ran through the location. The panels tie the apartments to the area and cleverly hide and ventilate the building equipment.

  • Train travel glamour:

Who wouldn’t want to travel through this glittering train station? Como train station’sperforated panels give passengers a luxurious start to their journey, used as underpass panels and signage.

  • Christmas shopping clouds:

Myer Sydney went sky high with its Christmas installation, using perforated metal clouds to give shoppers a dreamy experience. We perforated the panels that form the cloud shapes for light artwork specialists McDermott Baxter.

  • Light shard artworks:

Perforated metal light shards lit the pathways at Sydney Olympic Park, in a beautiful public artwork celebrating culture by tranSTURM collective. We manufactured the shard walls, helping to bring the ambitious project to life.

  • Motto magic:

Perforated metal is a great way for a brand or business to get its name out there and make aninstant impact. We transformed Wayside Chapel’s ‘Love Over Hate’ motto into a welcoming perforated panel above its entryway.

Perforated Metal Balconies, Balustrade, & Stairs

As a strong and supportive architectural material, it’s no surprise that you’ll find perforated metal installed on balconies, as balustrade, and as staircases. But just because you need strength, it doesn’t mean that you’re limited in design. Just look at these amazing perforated metal projects: 

  • Natural design:

Perforated metal panels are used throughout the Carrington Assisted Living complex, as folding balcony screens, welcome signage, and walkway panels. But there’s no standard pattern here – we perforated a leaf design to match the surrounding bushland, helping the architects to achieve a tranquil, cohesive, branded scheme.

Carrington Age Care - Riverview apt entrance

  • Tennis centre’s a hit:

Blacktown Tennis Centre is a great example of the impact of colour. You can’t miss the bright red perforated panels used throughout the centre as balustrades, barriers, and spectator screening. We also custom-perforated panels to create a giant tennis-themed mural.

Blacktown Leisure Centre

  • Safety first:

The office stairs at 100 Mount Street in North Sydney are a key feature, so what better way to show them off than with a dazzling white perforated metal balustrade? The glass-enclosed staircase is also the main fire stairs for the building, combining functionality and safety with beautiful architecture.

Supplier of bespoke perforated metal | Arrow Metal

  • A personal step:

We can create perforated metal out of any image – including personal photos. And it’s a family picture that forms the basis of the perforated metal staircase and screening at this Balmain home renovation. A fantastic way to add a personal touch to a residential project.

Metal Staircase - Balmain House - Arrow Metal

Perforated Metal in Commercial Interiors

Interior designers love perforated metal for its design capabilities and myriad uses. From decorative, light-backed wall features to room dividers and ceiling panels, these projects show how adding a touch of perforated metal can tie an interior scheme together:

  • Rich windows:

Golston Jewellery’s display is a glittering example of interior perforated metal. We perforated golden-hued brass panels to create a lightbox effect for the Sydney store’s windows, bathing the jewels in soft-focus light for full, sparkling effect.

Retail store design tips - Golston Sydney - Arrow Metal

  • Ceiling style:

Clever ceiling design adds wow factor from above. For Basement Brewhouse’s metallic industrial theme, our perforated panels were finished in Antique Gold to complement the bar’s copper beer pipes and stainless steel brewing tanks.

Explore more perforated metal uses, ideas & inspiration

Browse our Project gallery for more ideas and discover our latest architectural perforated metal pattern releases here, including exclusive customisable designs and geometric shapes. Or learn more about our custom perforated metal capabilities and solutions for your projects here. Whatever design you have in mind, we have the expertise and the technology to bring it to life.

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