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How do you make a functional amenities block an impressive architectural feature? With a stunning cantilever roof! Perforated metal roof panels made by Arrow Metal form the eye-catching overhang atop the public facilities at Rockdale Park in NSW.

The brand-new amenities block was built as part of the 3.2 ha park’s upgrade by Bayside Council, which included redeveloping its water feature and installing a new playground.

Creating cantilever perforated metal roof panels

The distinctive roof shape of the amenities building was a significant challenge. To create the geometric 3D underside of the overhang to the architect’s design, each of the perforated metal roof panels had to be individually cut and perforated to a specific size and shape. Additionally, the margins had to remain unperforated, to achieve the bold border lines that form the angular effect.

The Arrow Metal team used CAD software to perforate the panels. CAD drawing is used for custom perforated metal designs, such as those based on images and illustrations. This ensured the exact placement of the perforations on each panel according to the client’s measurements, including unperforated margins.

Panels were then individually perforated using Arrow Metal’s state-of-the-art punching machinery, for maximum precision. The perforated metal roof panels were produced in mill finish aluminium, in pattern 234 – a traditional round-shape profile with 6.4mm holes, 9.5mm staggered pitch, and a 40% open area.

Rockdale Park upgrade: A unique public space

Rockdale Park has special significance in the area, not just for recreation but celebrations. One of Rockdale’s oldest parks, it is treasured in the Bayside area for its ornamental and rare tree species and as a favoured spot for wedding photography thanks to its unique and picturesque surroundings.

The park’s new amenities block caters for every use and includes toilets, baby change, and park staff room. Additional works in the major project involved landscaping and upgrading pathways and creating a dedicated space and focal point bridge amongst the water feature for weddings and celebrations.

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