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Perforated Metal Retail Display: Golston Jewellery

A brass perforated metal retail display featuring Arrow Metal products is a sparkling statement piece for Golston’s new jewellery store in Sydney.

Designed by Loopcreative, the unique display is the perfect accessory to adorn the windows of the luxury international jewellery brand’s new Westfield mall outlet, creating a show-stopping entrance of style and sophistication.

Perforated metal retail display: The finest craftsmanship

To make a display fitting for the brand’s creative approach to jewellery, Loopcreative envisaged a ‘lightbox’ that would envelop the windows, a design which needed to use perforated metal to perfectly capture and control the light for a soft-focus effect.

The interior design studio turned to Arrow Metal to produce the required panels, which would be finished in a brass-effect golden coating to reflect the richness of the jewellery and the brand’s identity, complementing the pink and gold colours of the store’s high-end interior.

Precision craftsmanship of the perforated metal panels were a must, to match the high quality which Golston is renowned for, with its beautiful bespoke pieces created by international designers using only the finest diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls.

Bespoke perforated metal production

Samples of perforation patterns were sent to Loopcreative for consideration, before the final design went into production at Arrow Metal’s state-of-the-art Silverwater facility. Panels were precisely perforated and cut to the exact specified sizes for a perfect fit.

The result is striking and glamorous retail window display that’s as unique and attractive as the pieces inside, helping Golston achieve its vision of giving customers a truly memorable experience.

Established in 2004, Golston’s diverse collections and commitment to quality has ensured it has become a respected name in luxury jewellery for discerning buyers.

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