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Innovative, inspiring, colourful, and creative – just a few words to describe this year’s perforated metal projects! From train stations to schools, luxury apartments, RSL clubs, and public artworks, we have collaborated with some fantastic architects, designers, and metal fabricators throughout 2022. Explore some highlights of this year’s perforated metal portfolio below and learn more about the different ways our perforated metal solutions have helped to achieve stand-out results: 

Perforated Metal Portfolio: Our 2022 Highlights

Public Transport Projects

Towradgi Station: Tree-themed perforated walkway

We manufactured nature-themed perforated metal screens for Towradgi Station’s new footbridge, balustrade, and lift area. This project was part of the NSW Government Transport Access Program, which improves accessibility for passengers across the public transport network. As a highly visual, public-facing aspect of the upgrade, the pattern of the metal was key. We were able to produce the architect’s desired tree design across all panels, creating a beautiful and cohesive scheme that makes train transport easier and safer. 

Community & Leisure Projects

Merrylands RSL: Gaming area screening

Merrylands RSL needed an attractive solution to screen off its gaming area. We manufactured perforated panels in a modern mix-and-match round hole design. Finished in white satin and installed with low-level lighting, the U-shaped installation perfectly encloses the facilities, in keeping with its multimillion-dollar refurbishment. 

Education Projects

Canterbury South Public School: Building facade & sun shading

Did you know that perforated metal is an ideal solution for controlling solar heat and shade? Our facade project at Canterbury South Public School was top of the class for keeping kids cool, with the perforation pattern adapted to either deflect or absorb the sun’s rays.  On the full-sun North side of the school, panels featured a smaller open area percentage to protect students from strong sunlight. Whilst on the shady West side, the open area percentage of the pattern was doubled to improve daylight and warmth. How clever is that!­

Public Artworks

Light Shards, Sydney Olympic Park: Perforated pyramid sculptures

Many artists like to use perforated metal for light effects – and the Light Shard sculptures installed at Sydney’s Olympic Park this year are a shining example. We made the perforated metal sections that formed the intriguing pyramid-shaped sculptures created by tranSTURM artist collective, who originally came to us with a paper model concept! It was great to bring this project to life and create a beautiful public artwork that encouraged curiosity and celebrated all the different festivities and cultures within Sydney Olympic Park. 

Retail Projects

Bakers Delight Store Fitout

Bakers Delight: On-brand shopfront panels

This project is a tasty example of our expertise in creating perforated metal for brand identity! We had the perfect fit-out recipe for bakery chain Bakers Delight, manufacturing cost-effective perforated metal panels for storefront branding. Finished in a powder coating of Bakers Delight’s distinctive ‘Wild Berry’ brand colouring – which we had specially made – each panel also has specific folding so that it hangs in just the right way below the logo. 

Healthcare Projects

Carrington Age Care - Riverview apt entrance
Carrington Assisted Living: Leaf-themed screens

The residents of the new Riverview apartments at Carrington Assisted Living in Camden are living amongst nature, with our leaf-design perforated metal panels blending beautifully with the surrounding bushland. The Eucalyptus-patterned panels used as balcony screens, signage, and walkway panels started out as a basic drawing, which we translated into a design in collaboration with the project architects, that would meet all the privacy, light, airflow, and resort-style aesthetics of the build. It’s a stunning development that showcases the possibilities of perforated metal when creating custom designs.

Residential Projects

Splenda Apartments: Colourful facade

Our Splenda Apartments project shows how creative use of colour can instantly take a basic perforation pattern from standard to sensational. Featuring classic round design Pattern 239, the folding facade of the new development was finished in a bright, eye-catching copper colour, complementing the natural wood and brickwork of the exterior. Simple, creative, and so stylish!

Archibald Residences: Historic perforated pictures

One of the greatest advantages of perforated metal is that almost any image can be produced in a panel – even ones that are years old! We brought back a piece of history for our Archibald Residences project in Bondi Junction, recreating old black and white photographs of the local tramways in perforated metal to hide and ventilate the building’s service machinery. The level of perforation that we can achieve at Arrow Metal is so detailed that even passenger facial expressions were captured in each perforated image, despite the original image quality. You can learn more about how we made the panels here.

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