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  • Perforated metal panels - Oatley station
  • Decorative perforated panels by Arrow Metal, Como Train Station Upgrade, Sydney
  • Triangle perforated metal - Oatley Footbridge Station
  • Perforated metal panels - Oatley station

About this project

What do many newly opened and upgraded transport hubs have in common? In addition to improved accessibility and design, it’s the use of materials like perforated metal. As State and Federal Governments unveil huge spending on transport infrastructure over the next few years, we look at some of the reasons why architects and developers continue to favour perforated metal for public transport infrastructure projects, specification options, and how perforated metal is being used to great effect in the Australian public transport sector.

Why perforated metal for public transport infrastructure projects? The key benefits

Using perforated metal for public transport infrastructure projects has considerable advantages compared to other materials, such as:

  • Strength, weight, and durability

Perforated metal is one of the strongest yet lightest materials you can specify. Offering great structural strength without the heavy load, it’s ideal for busy, high footfall transport walkways and bridges where passenger safety is paramount. It’s also durable, with a range of finishes to ensure performance and longevity in the harshest outdoor environments.

  • Customisation and design creativity

Perforated metal’s almost endless range of designs and customisation abilities makes it a first-class choice for architectural creativity and visual appeal. Opt for classic and timeless hole styles, modern geometrics, or CAD-drawn photograph-based designs. Add brand colours, metallics, or special finishes, to create a standout landmark.

  • Noise control

With thousands of daily passengers, managing noise at transport hubs can be a major challenge. But the holes in perforated metal can control sound flow, specified with acoustic material to successfully absorb, deflect, or scatter nuisance noise.

  • Building comfort

Perforated metal allows perfect control of airflow, privacy, and light. Holes can be specified and positioned to match solar movement, shade, and wind conditions of the building, keeping passengers cool whilst maximising privacy and creating a spectacular decorative and dappled light feature.

  • Sustainability

Did you know that perforated metal is one of the most environmentally friendly materials around? Not only is it recyclable, because of its ability to control heat and light, it’s also a great building energy saver. Metal we perforate includes aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, galvanneal, and brass.

  • Easy installation

Arrow Metal perforated metal panels are delivered precision cut for direct and fast installation on site. If your panels are part of a composite facade or image series, each is specially marked for mistake-free installation. If there’s a need to redesign or upgrade in the future, the panels are cost-effective to replace.

  • Time & budget efficiency

Cost control and minimising delays are key to successful project delivery. Whether you choose a standard pattern or a customised solution, panels are manufactured to meet your project budget and timescales.

How perforated metal is used for public transport infrastructure: Case study gallery

Now that we’ve covered some of the main reasons why architects and infrastructure developers use perforated metal for public transport projects, let’s look at how it’s used. Here are a few examples of Arrow Metal panel installations at train stations and transport hubs around NSW and QLD.

Architects and developers of these transport infrastructure projects have shown how innovative and considered perforated metal design can help to solve the challenges of passenger privacy, visual interest, weather conditions, accessibility, and safety, whilst adhering to any required planning and design principles.

Como train station

Como train station’s unforgettable Champagne Gold underpass is the toast of modern train travel.  Perforated in our in-house, exclusive pattern 2319, the panels create an effervescent and vibrant travelling experience. Panels were also customised to include the station name, without compromising pattern flow.

Como Train Station Upgrade

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Hazelbrook train station

Hazelbrook train station in the Blue Mountains takes tactile design to new heights. The multiple perforation styles and open areas of each custom-manufactured sheet elevate the walkway design, creating intrigue and visibility at eye level and passenger privacy at lower level.

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Oatley train station

Oatley train station’s eye-catching perforated triangle walkway is on point for stylish and safe station design. The geometric shapes were designed with passenger comfort in mind, featuring large open perforations on the side walls for light and ventilation and small triangles on the roof for weather protection.

Triangle perforated metal - Oatley Footbridge Station

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Harris Park train station footbridge

A pick n’ mix of custom-tooled perforations, Harris Park’s footbridge is steps ahead in modern train station design, perfectly complementing the brightly coloured pillars and creating beautiful light play.


Brisbane ferry terminals

Marine locations and extreme weather go together. So the perforated panels for Brisbane’s ferry terminal project are made from specially folded marine-grade powder-coated aluminium, resulting in smooth sailing for passenger accessibility and safety.

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Wynyard to Barangaroo walkway tunnel, Sydney CBD

A super-quick and safe way to get from Wynyard station to the waterside attractions of Barangaroo and Darling Harbour, the Wynyard to Barangaroo pedestrian tunnel flows perfectly in terms of transport design. The fluid, stream of light in the ceiling is surrounded by perforated panels, creating a stylish sense of movement and direction.

Perforated metal for transport projects - Barangaroo to Wynyard walkway

Perforated metal for public transport infrastructure projects: Design, customisation, and finish options

Arrow Metal perforated metal is available as:

In-stock panels:

Available in a wide range of popular perforations, base metals, and thickness, in-stock panels are pre-manufactured and ready for dispatch, ideal for last-minute and urgent project needs where quick delivery is essential.


Our made-to-order collection features exclusive, on-trend patterns created by our design team, including geometrics and futuristic shapes, as well as traditional perforation styles. Made-to-order patterns can be further customised in hole size and open area percentage to meet specific project needs. Take a look at our latest design release here.

Bespoke designs:

If you have your own design, we can bring it to life. We use advanced, software-controlled machinery to recreate your CAD drawing in perforated metal, precision punched to the smallest detail. Bespoke perforated metal can be made from JPEG photographs, images, illustrations, text, logos, or any pattern you can create. Our expert team will work with you to ensure panels meet all performance, budget, and functional requirements.

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After manufacture, we can apply a finish or perform special folding. Finishes are used to add colour, texture, or improve weather resistance, whilst curving enables the panels to match passenger walkway or staircase shape. Finish options include:

  • Powder-coated colours
  • Anodising (typically applied to aluminium)
  • Weathered effects
  • Metallic shades
  • Folds and curves (design dependent)

Order perforated metal for public transport projects from Arrow Metal

We manufacture and create modern perforated metal solutions for all types of public transport projects, working with infrastructure developers, architects, suppliers, engineers, and fabricators throughout Australia.

Talk to our team about your next transport project on (02) 9748 2200 or email to explore perforated metal possibilities.

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