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Perforated Apartment Facade, Splenda, Botany

Arrow Metal’s perforated apartment facade project at luxury Botany designer residence Splenda reveals how a basic perforation pattern is transformed through the creative use of colour. 

Splenda’s fully folding facade features pattern 239, a standard round design from our made-to-order collection. But when combined with a bright copper finish, the functional facade becomes a show-stopping architectural feature, complementing the natural palette, timber, and stone elements of the mixed-use boutique building.

Manufacturing Splenda’s perforated apartment facade

The Arrow Metal team perforated a series of 3mm aluminium panels for Splenda’s North and West-facing apartment balconies. These residential levels required strong sun protection and privacy, but without compromising the expansive city views.

Pattern 239 in a 58% open area was the perfect solution for project suppliers Aus Inventive Design. An 8mm round-hole design in a staggered pitch, it’s a modern and classic profile that creates a veiled visual effect, ideal for privacy and shading without affecting resident outlook.

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Panels were perforated with margins to ensure a seamless design when the facade is open and closed, with the powder-coated copper-coloured finish added post-manufacture – upgrading the facade panels into a stunning design feature that matches the clean lines and natural aesthetic of the oversized, open-plan apartments within.

Using colour: A budget-friendly architectural solution

Combining bright colour with a standard perforation pattern is an effective way to achieve visual impact without the expense of a fully customised perforated apartment facade.

All in stock, made-to-order, and bespoke perforated metal patterns can be finished in a wide range of colours and finishes, from durable coatings to metallic tones and bold shades.

Explore our range of patterns and customised perforated metal solutions for high-end residential and commercial projects and contact us to learn more about our perforation capabilities for facades and screening.

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