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The perforated metal balustrade and privacy screening at this Balmain residential property have a unique personal touch – they’re all perforated with an image from a beloved family photograph.

Architects Carter Williamson collaborated with Arrow Metal to custom-make the black perforated metal balustrade, staircase, privacy and security screening, which are used extensively throughout the interior and exterior of the property.

The versatility of perforated metal

A fundamental component of the build, it was the architect’s vision to showcase the capabilities of perforated metal amongst other building materials, not just as a form of privacy but in creating a modern home for a growing family.

But it needed more than a standard perforation pattern – and Arrow Metal’s bespoke metal design service was the perfect solution for the prestigious renovation.

Using CAD drawing and specialised tooling, Arrow Metal’s highly-skilled team precisely perforated each panel with an image derived from a photograph taken and loved by the home’s owners.

The careful design ensured the perforated metal could perform as stairs and balustrade, with every sheet precision cut to the architect’s specifications for an exact fit on-site.

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Perforated metal stairs & privacy screening: A seamless scheme

The finished bespoke black perforated metal stairs and privacy screening are focal points of the Balmain property, which Carter Williamson named the ‘Screen House’.

Working beautifully with the interior features of warm wood, exposed brick and black leather, the uniquely crafted perforated metal staircase creates a statement interior.

Whilst the use of perforated metal as garden screening throughout the exterior seamlessly continues the contemporary theme, allowing the owners to enjoy the property’s spectacular city views without compromising on privacy.

The project is the perfect example of the versatility of perforated metal in all applications inside and out, and the ability of Arrow Metal to create truly bespoke architectural solutions for even the most ambitious residential renovations.

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Images credited to Brett Boardman Photography / Carter Williamson Architects

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  • Architect

    Carter Williamson

  • Photography by

    Brett Boardman Photography

  • Product UsedPerforated Metal

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