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From rich gold surfaces to industrial chic, perforated metal is a fit-out material that is always on-brand. Here’s why it is an interior design must-have, and some of our favourite commercial fit-outs with perforated metal that showcase its spectacular results.

Why Design Commercial Fit-Outs with Perforated Metal?

Perforated metal is unmatched in versatility, creativity, and functionality for commercial spaces. Project advantages include:

  • Brand customisation

Few interior materials can be customised to match a brand identity like perforated metal. The pattern, base metal, shape, shade, and surface texture can all be designed to reflect the brand vision, aesthetics, and experience. Specify it in signature colours, punch it with the brand logo, or use it to create instant contrast with other interior materials for on-brand sophisticated ambience.

  • Easy aesthetics

Light play is one of the biggest benefits of fit-outs with perforated metal. Light shining through its holes creates incredible interior effects, transforming ordinary places into dynamic and intriguing commercial spaces. Experiment with the hole size, shape, and spacing to suit the mood and aesthetics.

  • Privacy & transparency

Perforated metal is a unique material as it provides privacy and transparency at the same time, making it an ideal solution to attractively separate spaces in hospitality, retail, and office interiors.

  • Sound control

Combine perforated metal with acoustic backing, and you have a beautiful way of controlling the excessive noise of bustling commercial spaces. Transform loud places into calm, attractive, and welcoming environments by installing perforated metal and acoustic material to reflect, absorb, or scatter unwanted sounds.

Arrow Metal Project Ideas: Fit-Outs with Perforated Metal

All these projects have used Arrow Metal perforated metal to create stunning on-brand interiors. From feature dividing screens to window displays, explore some of the different ways to design fit-outs with perforated metal for your commercial projects.

  • Retail Fit-Outs with Perforated Metal

Sarah & Sebastian

Jewellery brand Sarah & Sebastian’s first-ever mall store needed to be something special. To top it off, we manufactured a hexagonal perforated ceiling that reflected the brand’s high-end, customisable jewellery experience. The beautiful light play of pattern 629 ensures the jewellery takes centre stage, creating an attractive and stunning space that invites exploration and creativity.

Golston Jewellery

Perforated gold window displays encase the jewels on show at Golston’s luxury Sydney store. Matching the gold logo, the displays are a shining example of using perforated metal to enhance brand recognition and experience. The perforated panels are cleverly lit from within, ensuring each piece sparkles and shines.  

  • Office & Corporate Fit-Outs with Perforated Metal

345 George Street, Sydney

Corporate fit-outs are serious business, and our panels in the lobby at 345 George Street, Sydney, create an instant ambience of high-end sophistication. A mix of solid and back-lit perforated panels provides a welcoming and dynamic environment as workers head to the lobby’s restaurants, bars, and meeting zones.


100 Mount Street, Sydney

This stunning staircase is actually the fire stairway for 100 Mount Street, Sydney. What is an essential safety feature has been transformed into a beautiful focal point by the innovative use of a perforated metal balustrade in pattern 246, combined with wood and glass, to match the bright and airy architectural aesthetics.

  • Leisure & Hospitality Fit-Outs with Perforated Metal

Merrylands RSL

Separate zones are a must-have for large hospitality venues. We curved perforated panels into a U-shape to separate the gaming area at Merrylands RSL from the rest of the venue. Perforated in mixed hole pattern 2319 to match the multi-million-dollar makeover, the panels were installed with feature lighting, making it a beautiful and functional feature that enhances the customer experience.

Basement Brewhouse

Perforated metal gives customers an experience to look up to at Basement Brewhouse. Used as a ceiling feature and finished in complementary Antique Gold, the panels bring together the different metal elements of the brewery bar, including its brewing tanks and beer pipes.

  • Shopping Mall Fit-Outs with Perforated Metal

Myer Christmas Wonderland

Giant colour-changing perforated metal clouds took shoppers on a magical Christmas journey at Myer Sydney. We manufactured the panels for the cloud formations according to the strict design specifications of the project’s artists, where pattern and surface reflection were key to creating the dreamy Christmas cloudscape.

Order Samples for Fit-Outs with Perforated Metal

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We manufacture and supply perforated metal commercial fit-out solutions to architects, designers, specifiers, and contractors across Australia, including interior fixtures, fittings, features, and more.

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