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  • Bakers Delight Store Fitout
  • Bakers Delight Store Fitout
  • Bakers Delight Store Fitout
  • Bakers Delight Store Fitout
  • Bakers Delight perforated metal panel
  • Bakers Delight perforated metal panel
  • Bakers Delight perforated metal panel

About this project

Coloured Perforated Panels, Bakers Delight

Arrow Metal has risen to the challenge for bakery chain Bakers Delight, creating coloured perforated panels in Bakers Delight’s signature shade for stores across Australia.

Brand colour is a key visual feature of Bakers Delight shop fronts, but with no powder paint to match the bakery’s distinctive ‘Wild Berry’ brand colour, we had the exact colour specially made for application post-production.

Bakers Delight Store Fitout

A recipe for success: Creating Bakers Delight coloured perforated panels

Bakers Delight construction fit-out company J+CG approached Arrow Metal to manufacture perforated panels for the brand’s ongoing store program. With only a small number of panels needed per outlet, it was essential to find a cost-effective solution that would not only achieve each store’s unique fit-out requirements but also brand colouring.

‘Wild Berry’ is available as a standard wet paint colour – however wet painting perforated metal is an expensive and time-consuming process.

So instead, working with our colour manufacturer, we arranged for a batch of powder paint in ‘Wild Berry’ to be made specifically for Bakers Delight.

For every Bakers Delight project, we perforate 2mm aluminium panels in pattern 226, a classic 4.8mm round hole design with a 51% open area. Each panel is then bent in a specific way for each store so that when hung the perforated area elevates away from the wall – a key element of the shopfront design.

The special ‘Wild Berry’ shade is then added through powder coating, which covers the panels electrostatically to ensure quick and even colour application inside and around each perforation and fold.

The finished panels are ready to fit at each store site, perfectly cut to size for fast and easy installation.

Custom coloured perforated panels for brands, retail, and signage

The Bakers Delight project is an eye-catching example of our expertise in creating branded perforated metal solutions that perfectly match brand identity.

Another Arrow Metal brand project is the perforated metal signage that we manufactured for Nolan’s Interstate Transport. The giant sign replicates the company logo in every detail including shading.

Talk to our team to see what’s possible for your company and brand. We can create any logo, slogan, image, or tagline in perforated metal and match your brand’s specific colours for maximum marketing impact. Call our team on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry here.

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