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Classroom Facade, Oxford Falls Grammar

Oxford Falls Grammar School’s new multimillion-dollar campus has earned top marks from students and stakeholders for its clever architecture that features a perforated classroom facade made by Arrow Metal.

Our team manufactured a range of perforated panels for the school’s prestigious ‘Field of Dreams’ project, an ambitious and impressive new development that would create extra learning and library spaces, a car park, and playing courts linked to the existing campus via a pedestrian bridge.

Creating a Modern Classroom Facade: Sun-Safe Screening

With its large windows, the upper storey of the new campus building needed a 6m-long screening solution that would be both sun and school-smart.

Working with our project client Cowyn Building Group, we punched 3m-long aluminium panels in pattern 234 – a 6.4mm round hole design with a 40% open area to maximise sun and heat protection without compromising natural light and outlook.

Panels were seamlessly installed in pairs for complete window coverage, finished in ‘Desert Satin’ from the Dulux Duratec Intensity range, a bright tonal red to match the school colours and provide long-lasting vibrancy and panel protection.

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Perforated panels in the same pattern and colour were also used for the campus’ new connecting bridge and staircase balustrade for a cohesive, school-wide scheme. We worked with project contractor FCF Fabrication for this part of the development, gently curving some of the panels to create a sense of flow whilst ensuring safe, quick, and easy student movement throughout the busy campus.

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Perforated metal for classroom facade and educational buildings: Specify with Arrow Metal

Our innovative and cost-effective perforated metal solutions have helped to create modern, future-proof learning environments across NSW.

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    Cowyn Building Group

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    FCF Fabrication

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