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Perforated metal balustrade and screening featuring sheets made by Arrow Metal is making the commute safer and more accessible for the millions of users of Brisbane’s famous ferry network.

Arrow Metal manufactured the intricately perforated metal sheets used in the balustrade and screens at terminals including Milton and Maritime Museum Wharf, for the project’s metal fabricators, Minnis & Samson.

Over 135 perforated metal balustrade panels CAD drawn

Arrow Metal produced over 135 perforated metal sheets for the prestigious project. Although some sheets were repeat, many were one-off and unique in production, each a different size and individually CAD drawn.

To achieve Minnis & Samson’s radiused folding design for the perforated metal balustrade and screening, Arrow Metal incorporated profiled notching in the corners of the sheets. Minnis & Samson artisans then folded and crafted the finished panels.

Made from 3mm ‘marine’-grade aluminium, Minnis & Samson powder coated the perforated metal panels post-production, to ensure longevity and durability.

Safe accessibility for Brisbane ferry passengers

Installed as part of a $100m investment in Brisbane’s ferry terminal network, the new perforated metal panel balustrades and screens make it easier for tourists and commuters to safely access the city’s fleet of CityCats, CityHoppers and CityFerries.

The newly upgraded, flood-resilient terminals are designed with accessibility in mind for wheelchair and mobility aid passengers and those with pushchairs. Featuring continuous handrails, the new perforated metal balustrades and screens guide passengers along the gangways to boarding gates.

The terminals also offer new improved walkways, stairs and ramps and extra seating and rest areas on the pontoons. Tactile ground surface indicators and intermediate level landings – even as the river rises and falls – provide ease of access for all users.

The new state-of-the-art facilities ensure commuters are able to get to their destinations efficiently, providing greater access to the city and its tourist icons.

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