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  • Brass mesh window screens
  • Brass mesh window screens

About this project

The use of Arrow Metal brass mesh window screens at Armidale’s St Paul’s Presbyterian Church is an example of the importance of the right metal materials in conservation works.

The brass wire mesh is safeguarding the historic stained glass windows which adorn the front of the late nineteenth century church, which was built in 1882.

The intensive project was carried out by Lawrence Leadlights, experts in stained glass window renovation and creation, who turned to Arrow Metal for the perfect protective brass mesh for the restored windows.

Brass mesh window screens: Installation

Arrow Metal’s team has extensive experience of providing metal products and materials for historic buildings, with the care and attention to detail that’s needed when supplying conservation projects.

Recent completed works include the renovation of Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building, where Arrow Metal brass mesh was also specified for the cages of the retail centre’s historic lifts.

For the St Paul’s project, Arrow Metal worked closely with Lawrence Leadlights to find the exact profile of wire mesh that would enhance the architecture, taking into account the considerable size and unusual arch shape of each of the church’s main windows.

St Paul’s Presbyterian Church: History preserved

Arrow Metal’s brass wire mesh blends in with the Gothic-style architecture of St Paul’s, complementing the mullioned stained glass, blue bricks, mouldings and impressive 90ft spire.

A landmark and beloved church in the town, St Paul’s Presbyterian Church boasts many memorial gifts of fixtures and fittings from local people through the years, including its pipe organ, pulpit and stained glass windows. Thanks to Arrow Metal and Lawrence Leadlights, its beautiful features are now safely preserved for future generations.


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