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Brass Balcony Balustrade, Chatswood Home

What’s a cost-effective way to give a home renovation real street appeal? Through clever material choice! And the balcony balustrade that we manufactured for a residential project in Chatswood, Sydney, is a great example.

Instead of using typical balcony balustrade materials like metal or glass, the homeowners opted to use perforated brass, giving their home a high-end, opulent finish that perfectly complements the rich, red-hued wooden balcony rails and pillars and the property’s lush natural surroundings.

One of the best characteristics of brass however is not just its golden colour but the fact that over time, these brass balcony balustrade screens will gradually oxidise, transforming from shiny gold into a weathered aged style, creating a completely unique exterior statement.

Benefits of a brass balcony balustrade for renovations and fit outs

Brass is one of our most popular perforated metals for both residential and commercial projects. It is a surprisingly durable metal for interior and exterior use, with excellent corrosion resistance. And, depending on the perforation pattern and metal profile, is strong enough to be used in safety and weight-bearing applications like a balcony balustrade.

It also ticks the green boxes – brass can be infinitely recycled, making it a stunning, sustainable choice for a luxury aesthetic. Common architectural ways to use perforated brass include privacy screens, feature walls, room dividers, facades, staircases, lighting, and more.

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Residential style file: Get the look

To make the screens for the Chatswood residential renovation, we perforated 2mm-thick brass panels in pattern P230.

A closely spaced, classic round hole design with a 44% open area, P230 gives excellent light filtration and privacy without compromising balcony views. A total of thirteen panels were produced for the project, all with 50mm unperforated margins to beautifully frame the perforation pattern, ready for contractors to install on site.

We can perforate brass in an extensive range of patterns, from standard styles and customisable designs to fully bespoke, unique architectural creations. Download our brochure to explore your options for perforated brass panels and send a project enquiry to 

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