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Perforated sheet metal uses: Affecting your everyday

Perforated metal might seem to be a simple product – but this ‘simple’ metal sheet of holes can change how we feel. How we work. What we hear. Even what we pay in energy costs. Perforated sheet metal uses are so varied, and it’s all thanks to its unique ability to perform completely differently, through small changes to perforation pattern, shape or size.

Here’s why perforated metal is such a metal marvel:

Façade and ventilation – controlling how we feel

Perforated metal can make us feel warmer, or cooler. When used as a building façade, it doesn’t just look good – it actually helps to control the very environment in which you live and work by keeping heat in or the sun out.

Acoustics – controlling what we hear

Perforated metal can be precisely perforated to help control soundwaves. It’s why so many architects and designers use perforated metal as a decorative and functional solution to acoustic issues in modern buildings, absorbing sound from outside and keeping internal noise to a minimum.

Protection – controlling how we work

Perforated metal helps make manufacturing safe. Industrial perforated sheet metal uses include machine guarding and protection, ensuring worker safety whilst maintaining visibility and ventilation.

Environmental – controlling what you pay

Perforated metal can help keep your energy costs down. The right perforation profile of a building façade results in careful control of light, solar energy and airflow, reducing energy costs of air-con, heating and lighting. No wonder it’s becoming a sustainable choice for green buildings.

Safety – controlling risk

There’s a reason perforated metal is such a popular product for balustrade and fencing, and it’s not just because it can be perforated to be aesthetically attractive. It’s strong, sturdy and can withstand incredible pressure and weight. Making it the perfect solution to keep us safe on balconies and staircases. It’s why you’ll find perforated metal in train stations, ferry terminals, walkways, airports, residential apartment buildings and more.

Perforated sheet metal uses - safety balustrade - Arrow Metal

Perforated sheet metal uses: Expertise and advice

At Arrow Metal we’re experts at making perforated metal that performs, for all uses of perforated sheet metal.

Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll make it happen. We have an extensive range of popular perforated metal profiles ready in stock, for immediate dispatch across Australia.

If you need bespoke perforated metal design, we’ll create a custom solution that works, on-time and to your budget.

Speak to our friendly team to get started on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry and we’ll be in touch.

Posted: September 11, 2017

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