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Perforated metal with other materials

Perforated metal is the most versatile item in every well-curated architecture wardrobe – because it goes with absolutely everything. Pair it with wood, brick or glass. Match it to other metal. However it’s worn, inside or out, perforated metal brings out the best qualities of its material partners. Just take a look at these ultra-fashionable interior and exterior ensembles which use perforated metal with other materials:

Perforated metal and glass

Espace Culturel de la Hague by Peripheriques Architectes

This cultural space in Beaumont-Hague by Peripheriques Architectes ticks all the on-trend boxes. The striking on-trend red perforated metal façade and interior works beautifully with the building’s extensive use of glass and mirrors.

The facade’s reflection and transparency effects give a glimpse of the activities inside, whilst the perforated metal also acts as an acoustic baffle for the venue’s performances.

Perforated metal with other materials

Perforated metal with other materials

Image sourced from Peripheriques Architectes

Perforated metal and wood

Creuse House by M Architects

Behind its unassuming white exterior, this narrow, three-story townhouse in Schaerbeek is a perforated metal design dream.

Renovated by M Architects, Creuse House features a wealth of white perforated metal together with alternate uses of other materials, including wood, aluminium and laminate.

We love how each of the perforated metal holes is a different diameter, a fun design and an innovative way of focusing on the home’s different areas at low-cost. When it comes to perforated metal with other materials, this project is a perfect match.

Perforated metal with other materials

Images sourced from M Architects

Cloud 2 by SMO Architektur

Serene spaces are a given at this property in Cologne by SMO Architektur. Just look at the incredible contrast between the perforated metal staircase and the wood floor. The stark white really brings the warmth of the wood to life, in a way no other material could.

Image sourced from SMO Architektur

46 Lodgements by Peripheriques Architectes

Another project by Peripheriques Architectes, another stunning use of perforated metal with other materials. The perforated metal of the balconies of this residential block in Ile Saint-Denis, France, is softened with a curved shape and gentle natural tones of wood, for a flowing architectural design that’s striking for all the right reasons.

Perforated metal with other materials

Image sourced from Peripheriques Architectes

Residential home Balmain by Carter Williamson

We love a custom project at Arrow Metal and this renovation makeover of a house in Balmain is one of our favourites. We worked with architects Carter Williamson to create bespoke perforated metal black balustrade and screening, using a personal photograph belonging to the homeowners. Doesn’t it look fantastic paired with the wood, exposed brick and leather fixtures and fittings?

Perforated metal with other materials Perforated metal with other materials

Perforated metal and brick

Northcote House by Taylor Knights

Who wouldn’t love to live in this Melbourne home of haute couture multifunctional and minimalist design? Created by Taylor Knights, we especially love how the yellow perforated metal stairs stand out against the exposed brick and wood panels.

Perforated metal with other materials Perforated metal with other materialsImages sourced from Taylor Knights

Peter’s House by Studio David Thulstrup

A ‘refined play of industrial materials,’ we think this house for photographer Peter Krasilnikoff in Copenhagen by Studio David Thulstrup is picture-perfect. Concrete, oak and perforated metal work in peaceful harmony amongst the lush greenery of the home’s central atrium.

Perforated metal with other materials

Images sourced from  Studio David Thulstrup

Perforated metal partnership: Arrow Metal

If you need a perforated metal partner for your project, talk to the Arrow Metal team.

We’re experts at creating custom perforated metal in your bespoke design, with a large range of in-stock profiles, precision cut and ready for immediate delivery to anywhere in Australia. Call us on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry.


Posted: August 10, 2018

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