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Perforated metal trends

Perforated metal is a hot trend that shows no sign of cooling. From stunning, intricate facades that define a building to complex architectural features, perforated metal is a material that makes the impossible, possible. The sheer diversity of design and its durability are just some of the reasons why perforated metal continues to go from strength-to-strength. Take a look at some of the best perforated metal trends of the moment:


It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to perforated metal trends. Whilst standard round, square and oblong designs are still popular, there’s now a move towards statement geometric designs that have industrial and futuristic appeal yet still blend beautifully with other materials like glass, wood and brick.

At Arrow Metal we recently invested in new tooling that combines hexagons and diamonds with unusual custom tooled shapes for a spectacular effect.

Perforated sheet metal designs - new capability at Arrow Metal

CAD customisation

Custom perforated metal has forged ahead in popularity as architects increasingly look for unique ways to personalise buildings and spaces.

Through CAD drawing, architects and designers have unlimited freedom and complexity of design not possible before. Incredibly intricate patterns that perfectly fit together can now be easily achieved.

CAD is used by Arrow Metal to create fully-customised perforated metal. We can perfectly transform any illustration, photograph, image or hand-drawn design into perforated metal, working closely with clients to ensure the finished result is true to the architectural aesthetic and required function of the perforated metal panels.

Arrow Metal created an intricate custom perforated metal for Wayside Chapel, Potts Point, featuring the church’s motto “Love Over Hate”.

PERFORATED METAL TRENDS - Wayside chapel metal facade - Arrow Metal


Although the appeal of clean, natural perforated metal hasn’t lost its shine, coloured metals are making a comeback. Colours are another way to add personalisation to a functional metal product, and many architects and designers are seizing upon the style statement a striking metal shade can make.

Especially when it contrasts with the surrounding environment. The vibrant red perforated metal mural and balustrade Arrow Metal created for Blacktown Tennis Centre is a great example of the impact of colour.

PERFORATED METAL TRENDS - perforated graphics on metal panels - Arrow Metal

Metallic finishes

Metallic is still all the rage both indoors and out but few design budgets can stretch to the real deal.

Perforated metal with a metallic finish is a cost-conscious way to achieve the glamour of gold and the richness of brass, with the added benefit of easier maintenance too. See how great it looks at Basement Brewhouse – we made these metallic perforated metal ceiling panels to match the gleam of the brewery fittings in the bar.

Perforated metal trends: Chat through your ideas

If there’s a specific perforated metal design or look you want to achieve, have a chat to our Arrow Metal specialists.

We’ll find the best way to make it happen, exceeding all required performance, quality and aesthetic requirements. Call us on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry.


Posted: June 29, 2018

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