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4 key perforated metal trends 2021

Which perforated metal patterns will shape architecture in 2021? There’s no doubt that the events of this year have changed how spaces and places will be designed. As architects and designers focus on creating safe and spacious new ways to live, work and play post-pandemic, here’s our prediction of four key perforated metal trends 2021.

Perforated metal is likely to be a top architectural choice for the foreseeable future, particularly for high touch-point installations like walls, screening and balustrade, because of its low maintenance, easy clean surface.

Trend 1: Transparent-effect perforated metal

For our first trend we’re talking perforated metal that makes an impact – but not in the way you expect. Think a ‘barely-there’ aesthetic, with perforated metal that’s specified specifically to be light, bright, airy and clean. And the secret to this sheer, veiled style is the right combination of hole size, pitch and open area.

Such as profiles P218, P226 and P233, for example. All of these patterns have been popular points of enquiry and sample orders by Arrow Metal customers this year.

What you’ll notice about all of these profiles is that they each feature lots of closely-spaced small holes, which is the perfect pattern for see-through style.

P218 has 3.2mm staggered holes with a 40% open area, P226 has 4.8mm holes with a 51% open area and P233 features 6.4mm staggered holes with an open area of 50%.

But you don’t have to wait if you want to get ahead of the trends with these designs – we have panels of P218, P226 and P233 ready to ship immediately. Take a look at panel size and base metal options in our downloadable brochure, chat to our team to order and we’ll dispatch your panels the next working day to anywhere in Australia.

Trend 2:  It’s all white

White never goes out of fashion. And it’s the same when it comes to colour finishes for perforated metal. White – in all its shade variations – is hugely popular for perforated metal interiors and exteriors because it creates statement colour without being brash and bold.

Creamy whites are already a hot shade in Pantone’s Spring Summer 2021 fashion palette – so we may see these softer whites reflected in architecture, too. For inspiration, explore the balustrade project we did in a White Satin shade for this Federation-era home renovation.

Trend 3: Mixing perforated metal with other materials

Architecture magazine ArchDaily is predicting that a combination of wood and concrete in their ‘purest state’ will be a key interior trend over the next decade. Perforated metal is the perfect partner for this raw mix-and-match ongoing trend, creating great textural contrast. In fact, perforated metal works well with pretty much any other material, particularly wood, glass and stone.

So we’re expecting to see a whole range of materials applied together in 2021, with perforated metal a key element that ties the aesthetic together. Take a look at how white perforated metal balances the warmth of the wood at our balustrade project for 100 Mount Street, Sydney. To replicate this look, you’ll need pattern P246.

Trend 4: Square has the edge for geometric style

Want a traditional shape, but something that has a little more edge than the classic round hole? Based on our customer enquiries, square is fast becoming the pattern of choice, particularly P418. Featuring 11.1mm straight pitch square holes and an open area of 49%, this in-stock panel works for all kinds of projects, especially exterior feature panels and fencing. P418 is available in mild steel, pre-galvanised steel and aluminium.

Perforated metal trends 2021: Products and advice from Arrow Metal

Talk through your upcoming projects with our experts and explore the perforated metal styles that suit your schemes. We have a wide range of on-trend, in-stock panels ready to ship for short lead times. Together with an extensive collection of made-to-order patterns and custom capabilities for unique architectural designs, signage and logos. Call us for advice on (02) 9748 2200. Or send us an online enquiry here.

Posted: December 8, 2020

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