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Perforated metal sheets: Brand new patterns

Perforated metal styles like round, rectangle and square will never go out of architectural fashion. So how about giving these timeless patterns an exciting new twist? Think tilted, not straight, squares. Soft-sided, moulded shapes. Circle duos which redefine the classic round hole. It’s all possible through our new punching machinery, which can create perforated metal sheets unlike anything you’ve seen before.

These innovative new patterns and our enhanced production capability means that we can fulfil even your most complex project requirements, where perforated metal performance and striking aesthetics work hand-in-hand on every panel.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the brand-new patterns we can produce and the benefits of our new machinery for your 2021 architecture projects.


These images of some ‘test’ perforated metal sheets give you a detailed look at your creative design possibilities and showcase the complex styles that we can produce.

From angular slanted holes to futuristic forms with soft curved edges, we can achieve an extensive range of shapes to suit your projects, through precision tooling, quality production and advanced punching technology.


If you’re looking to buy or specify perforated metal for your 2021 projects, here’s a quick run-down of the benefits of our new machinery and manufacturing processes for your perforated metal panels:

Large hole perforation precision: Want to supersize the pattern or panel size of your perforated metal sheets? Improved rotation control means that we can produce oversized holes with incredible precision, giving you even greater freedom of creativity with hole sizes. And punch large-format sheets up to five metres in length with ease, too.

Exceptional quality: When your perforated metal sheets are on-show and a key architectural feature, you need an immaculate finish. At Arrow Metal, your panels are made on machinery which has a brush table for less risk of abrasion during production. Giving you pristine panels that meet the exceptional standards demanded by the most high-end projects.

Easy installation: Installing your finished panels in the right sequence on-site has never been easier. Depth control capability for hole punching means you will know exactly where each panel needs to be placed, protecting the look of the sheet at the same time.

Faster turnaround: With speeds of up to 510 hits per minute, we can produce perforated metal sheets faster than ever before. Which means quicker turnaround and delivery time for you – ideal for urgent and last-minute orders.


Talk to our friendly, expert team on (02) 9748 2200 for more information on the in-stock, made-to-order or bespoke patterns that we can produce for your next project. Or send us an online enquiry with some details of your project and what you are looking for, and we will be in touch.

Perforated metal sheets: brand new profiles by Arrow Metal
Arrow Metal perforated metal brand new designs
Posted: January 19, 2021

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