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Perforated metal manufacturer: Factory facts

What goes on inside the factory of a perforated metal manufacturer? How is it possible to punch holes as large as 100mm, and yet also create intricate and detailed designs with such precision and accuracy?

Perforated metal manufacturer: Factory facts

Here are some quick facts about Arrow Metal’s factory, machine capabilities, technical and team expertise, which make us one of the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of perforated metalwoven wire and welded wire mesh products in Australia:

About our machinery

  • Arrow Metal’s machines have the capacity to punch millions of holes every single day, all-year round
  • We have hundreds of special tools, including ‘cluster tooling’ which can perforate more than 40 holes in a single stroke
  • We can perforate sheets as big as 1.5m wide and up to 4.3m long
  • Our machinery can punch different sizes and shapes of holes in a single metal sheet
  • Our specialist equipment includes perforating machinery, guillotining equipment, and levelling rollers to flatten metal sheets after perforation

Custom perforated metal expertise

  • Want a special perforation shape? We actually custom-make the necessary tooling for perforation precision
  • All bespoke perforated metal designs are created using CAD drawings to ensure accuracy of design reproduction
  • We can even add your own brand colours as a final finish for your perforated metal sheets

Perforated metal manufacturing team skills

  • On-site expertise: From our customer specialists to our technicians, we have a wealth of metal expertise and knowledge in-house
  • Machinery skill: Arrow Metal’s machine operators have years of experience working with our specialist equipment for perforation perfection first time
  • Design scope: Our team has the skill to perforate metal in almost any design, from standard perforation patterns to intricate architectural styles
  • Quality control: Our team checks every perforated panel we produce – products don’t leave our site unless they meet our own exceptional quality standards
  • Impartial professional advice: We’ll tell you which perforated products suit your project for the right result

Arrow Metal: An Australian perforated metal manufacturer of choice

Learn more about us and why you should work with Arrow Metal. Explore our customer Project gallery or browse our Pinterest page for inspirational ideas. To see what we can do for you, speak to an Arrow Metal specialist on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry.

Posted: July 17, 2017

2 responses to “Perforated metal manufacturer: Factory facts”

  1. Stan Baker. says:

    Hello one and all.

    I had not realized that you had these capacities… I knew Steve had big fists, but didn’t know that you packed such a punch. Thanks for sending the info. Your marketing is working.

    I have wondered about having an Icon formed into some cladding we use for our heat exchangers. This would not be perforating, rather, slightly deforming, enough to create a raised imprint in the 0.9mm thick stainless sheet. Perhaps by using a hard polyurethane bottom die.

    Have you done anything like this?

    KR Stan

    • Nhung Nguyen says:

      Hi Stan,
      It is great to hear from you. We will get someone to get back to you asap to answer your question.

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