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Perforated metal glossary & wire mesh guide

Do you know your pitch from your profile? Here’s Arrow Metal’s handy perforated metal glossary and wire mesh guide to help you learn the terminology and technique terms you will come across, when specifying these materials for your project.

Understanding perforated metal jargon and wire mesh meanings can help make it easier to choose your metal product:

  • Aperture: Aperture is the term used when specifying wire mesh and indicates the measurement between wires, or the size of the opening in the mesh.
  • Arrangement: Arrangement means how the holes are placed or lined up in the perforated metal sheet. Arrangements include staggered, straight or random.
  • CAD: CAD or Computer Aided Design is the technology used when creating customised perforated metal. The use of computer technology to draw the design means that even the most complex pattern can be achieved, approved and refined prior to manufacture. The design is then fed from computer to our punching machinery for precise and accurate perforation, exactly to specification.
  • End pattern: The end pattern refers to the pattern of the holes at the beginning and end of the sheet.
  • Margins: The margins are the areas of unperforated metal that are at the edge of each sheet.
  • Mesh Count: Mesh count is the number of wires per inch (25.4mm) in the wire mesh roll. Dense mesh will have a higher mesh count.
  • Metal Thickness: How thick or thin the metal sheet is that will be perforated, which may also be referred to as metal gauge.
  • Metal Type: The metal material that forms the perforated metal or wire mesh, such as aluminium, steel, stainless steel, pre-galvanised steel or brass.
  • Open area percentage: The open area percentage tells you how much of the sheet is made up of holes, and how much is made up of metal. It is an essential consideration when understanding if a profile meets specific performance, design and strength needs.
  • Perf sheet: Perf means perforated sheet, which is sheet metal with holes that have been punched, drilled or laser cut.
  • Pitch: The pitch is the measurement from the centre of one hole to the centre of the adjacent hole. Pitch dictates how closely spaced the perforated holes are, and is a deciding factor in the design, function and strength of the finished product.
  • Profile: The profile means the shape and size of each hole. Perforated metal comes in many different standard profiles, ranging from circle to round-end square, slot and hexagon.

Perforated metal glossary and terminology: Advice and guidance from Arrow Metal

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Posted: June 11, 2019

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