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Perforated metal for leisure developments: Project Ideas

Have you noticed that perforated metal is a popular feature of parks, playgrounds, and other major developments? When durable, innovative design and cost-effectiveness need to go hand-in-hand – particularly for public sector projects – perforated metal is the ideal investment. Let’s look at some of the different ways that architects and designers are using perforated metal for leisure developments, and some of the benefits of this material for these types of projects. 

Benefits and advantages: Why use perforated metal for leisure developments?  

One of the biggest advantages of using perforated metal for public and private sector leisure developments is its versatility and durability.

When used at ground level, perforated metal is an attractive and long-lasting solution for high touch-point, load-bearing and heavy traffic areas such as barriers, balustrade, screens, or fencing.

It is also used to add unique visual interest as facade and roofing features for buildings and structures, befitting the development spend and status.

Perforated metal for leisure development and recreation uses can be:

  • Custom manufactured to create panels that feature illustrations, imagery, or branding that match the development’s use and appeal
  • Coloured in a wide variety of shades, tones, and effects for impact and interest
  • Manufactured in panels up to 5m long – ideal for full facade coverage
  • Folded, curved, and shaped in line with the development’s design aesthetic
  • Coated with special finishes to meet the environmental demands of the installed location
  • Manufactured in a range of metals and patterns to suit all budgets and price points – from in-stock standard panels to made-to-order designs and bespoke solutions
  • Tailored to meet exact project requirements – from acoustic properties to strength needs

Perforated metal for leisure developments: Project examples

Arrow Metal has manufactured perforated metal for use across a wide variety of public parks, leisure developments, and playgrounds. Here are some examples of our projects in these areas so you can see the different ways perforated panels can be used and installed:

Rockdale Park

Rockdale Park’s amenities block isn’t just a public facility, it’s an architecturally designed focal feature of the park thanks to its spectacular cantilever roof. The eye-catching 3D underside of the roof is created from Arrow Metal perforated panels, specially designed with margins to form the bold dimensional lines that separate each panel. This project is a great example of how perforated metal can be applied to all aspects of a roof formation.

Perforated metal for leisure developments - Rockdale Park
Perforated metal for leisure developments - Rockdale Park

Narellan Town Centre shopping centre playground

Play areas should be imaginative, vibrant, and sensory spaces – just like this one at Narellan Town Centre shopping mall. Instead of plain screens, the barriers installed here are made of Arrow Metal perforated metal, which we intricately perforated with illustrations of trains, trees, and nature. Finished in bold bright red, these screens are fun, colourful, and encourage exploration for users of all ages.

Perforated metal for leisure developments - Narellan Town Centre

Blacktown Tennis Centre

Red perforated metal is also an energetic and modern feature of this $16 million-dollar leisure development in Blacktown. Scarlet-shaded panels in a range of sizes were manufactured by Arrow Metal to form Blacktown Tennis Centre’s distinctive sports mural and also for use throughout the interior of the centre as balustrade and screens for a seamless, cohesive scheme.

Perforated metal for leisure developments - Blacktown Tennis Centre
Perforated metal for leisure developments - Blacktown Tennis Centre
Sunbury Aquatic Centre

How can you ensure a new leisure development makes a splash? Use perforated metal! Sunbury Aquatic Centre’s metal facade was perforated in a wave pattern by our expert team. The finished panels instantly convey the development’s purpose and use, giving a glimpse of the leisure facilities and pool within whilst maintaining user privacy.

Perforated panel by Arrow Metal - Harris Park Station

Perforated metal for leisure developments expertise: Call Arrow Metal to fulfil your project needs

We manufacture and supply perforated metal for leisure developments, parks, and recreation projects across Australia. Call our team to order your project’s panels or talk to us about creating your own custom design on (02) 9748 2200. You can also send us an online enquiry here and our team will get back to you.

Posted: May 17, 2021

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